Changes in Alberta cricket administration?

The Calgary and District Cricket League web site indicates that the Alberta Cricket Association (formed in 1882) is no longer on the Alberta Corporate Registry and should be considered dissolved. They state that:-
“Alberta Cricket Association (ACA) was the last recognized Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) but has now lost its status due to the following reasons:
1) ACA lost the support of many district/city organizations in the Province due to its lack of transparency and communication.
2) ACA has been struck from the Alberta Corporate Registry records as of August 2018. Which means the society has official ceased to exist as per the Societies Act of Alberta.
3) As per Cricket Canada’s Bylaws section 2.8 ‘Withdrawal and Termination of Membership’; ACA is no longer a member of Cricket Canada on account of its dissolution. Which means that even if it regains its society status, ACA still needs to re-apply for membership with Cricket Canada in order to regain its status as the PSO for Alberta. ”

Administration of cricket in Alberta has been in turmoil for some time, with the Calgary League suspended from the ACA, and a new Calgary Cricket Council created earlier this year.

A new body, the Alberta Cricket Council, is being proposed with an inaugural meeting set for Saturday, December 15th, 2018 – time and location to be announced.
ACC AGM Notification

There is clearly a struggle for power taking place in Alberta, and it will be interesting to see how Cricket Canada deals with the issue. Cricket cannot afford infighting as it tries to establish itself as a national level sport in Canada, and Cricket Canada needs to ensure any transition is smooth. Provincial cricket administration has seen a number of challenges over the last ten years, with similar struggles in Saskatchewan, resulting in a number of Regina clubs playing outside of the provincial body, and the transition from the Ontario Cricket Association to the Cricket Council of Ontario.

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