President reacts on Facebook

The Cricket Canada president, Ranjit Saini has reacted to Canada’s disastrous performance at the WCL Division 2 tournament on Facebook stating:-

“I want to thank the players. Staffs and coaches for doing their best. Some where along the time we were unable provide sufficient high quality experience to our team.This is a day to reflect on our priorities. The world has moved on and has gone ahead of us. Massive refocus and new direction is needed. I will do what’s needed of me.”

When questioned further he commented:-

“A detailed and public document is due that will explain the challenges and pathway to do things differently.  Unless we do things differently, the results won’t be different.  The qualifier results will determine the pathways. This was a key tournament in this process. We hang on to success and build incrementally or we become a cricket nation first and work from grass roots first. An athlete has limited years of athletic performance life. It would have been cruel and unethical to abandon the hopes of those players that are in the system … not to support them. I can’t go into more details as this is not official page of CC but outcome will create a definite directional focus.
Give us few weeks and we will get everyone involved in the new pathway. We stand behind our players and the staffs for the effort that we are all making.”

Update: the post and discussion were deleted by the following morning.




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