The President speaks (again)

After years of relative silence, the Cricket Canada president has now provided us with two Facebook video interviews in a week. There seems to be a desire to explain the work of the organization in response to criticisms of the administration’s role in the recent poor performance of the national team. This interview is hosted by Salman Khan, (not the President of the Alberta Cricket Association in the centre of the controversy that is dividing Alberta cricket but his Manitoba namesake). The interview lasts nearly two hours; if we get the opportunity we will try to provide any tidbits of interest from it
Facebook interview
A few highlights- we cannot claim to have listened to every word…
Salman Khan asks some fairly pointed questions, which the President for the most part answers…Answers summarised here without comment.
WCL Division 2: the team had enough quality to win the tournament and no effort was spared in preparation. Perhaps the team peaked too early playing tough matches in South Africa. The coach was familiar with many of the players and had enough time to prepare. Selection of playing XI was by coach, captain, Nitish Kumar and manager (who was also a national selector). Saini questioned the astonishing collapse of Oman, perhaps the best team in the tournament, against the worst, PNG, but then said it was not his place to question it; he also acknowledged that that was only an issue as the team had lost the first three games.
He was asked about programmes and highlighted the women’s programme as showing real progress, with a national championship and a strong women’s committee. When questioned about selection he stated that those playing in leagues not affiliated with Cricket Canada would not be considered.
He mentioned some outstanding individual performances in the U19 World Cup as showing that programme was succeeding.
There was protracted discussion of the situation in Alberta, starting around 55 minutes. Saini stated the membership requirements for Cricket Canada- one member per province and that member had to demonstrate effective control of cricket in that province. He stated that he believed the ACA did show that control. When asked about the impact on women’s teams and other young players he stated they need to switch teams to play for an ACA recognised team if they wanted to be considered for Canada.
He indicated Cricket Canada was willing to support binding arbitration or mediation to resolve the issue but both sides had to agree- this had not happened. He also stated that CC stood behind the existing member, the ACA. Salman Khan passed on a question “How do you expect to sit with someone who is under investigation for corruption of substantial amount of money and who is the permanent resident of ON now?”. Saini stated that unless the individual is actually guilty of an offence, rather than accused, Cricket Canada had no part of the discussion; in addition unless the organization’s by-laws prevent a director from living out of province, it is fine. He also referenced the fact that the Calgary Leaguehad not paid membership dues to the ACA, so had no standing. The interviewer indicated that this was because of a lack of trust on the Alberta president. Saini used the analogy of not paying taxes to government if you don’t like the PM. When asked if new elections would resolve the Alberta situation, he stated that elections took place last year and that CC considered these valid.
He talked briefly about the re-launched web site, apparently coded by students who had work terms at his company last year. He felt that the fan zone would be wonderful, and that the site would help clubs get sponsorship.
When asked if he has considered standing down he gave an ambiguous answer but said that frequent changes in leadership were bad for an organization.
There was far more in the interview, and if we’ve misinterpreted any of the President’s answers we apologise and will correct if required.

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