Stephen Lewis and Central Peel set for Boys Senior Final

A high scoring, close second semi-final in the ROPSSAA Senior Boys competition ended with a magical score of Castlebrooke 82 all out (8 overs; 6 outs is all out), Stephen Lewis 83/2 (8 overs). Not so easy to tell if the game ended with Stephen Lewis scoring the game winning run or if the last Castlebrooke wicket fell on the last ball of the 8th over chasing the winning run or runs. Perhaps a run was scored and the last wicket fell to a run out?

Stephen Lewis (1st in South Central group; won 5 , lost 0) moves into Tuesday’s final against Central Peel (1st in North West; won 4, lost 1).
Castlebrooke were top in the North East group in the round-robin phase (Won 4, Lost 1).
The fact that the basic score for the game was available on a same-day basis opens the possibility of gaining some publicity for indoor schools cricket. The win also creates the possibility of a double for Stephen Lewis who won this year’s indoor junior boys competition, but a possibility that may make Central Peel more determined to greater things in the Senior Boys Final.

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