Canada 0 USA 3

With the series already decided, the final USA-Canada women’s T20 was played more for pride than anything else. Canada however were well beaten again, this time by 35 runs. This leaves Cricket Canada facing some serious questions in regard to women’s cricket in Canada.
Some pointed comments by those who know women’s cricket in Canada included the following
“These girls have been playing league cricket, touring etc since 2013. They can’t use the excuse they having playing cricket or training. Team Canada Women don’t take it seriously or listen. Canada has some good players that are not on the team and if they were , we would be seeing a totally different outcome. “
“ Habeeba Bader and others on the squad should’ve gotten a opportunity to show their abilities. An example -Maryam Khokhar should’ve have been dropped and others dropped in the batting order as they kept playing poorly.

Yes they had national practices plus their club practices, plus camp, plus they went to Trinidad & Tobago for practice matches as a guest in the Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean regional U19 girls competition….
Some of these players also have gone on tour to England, SA, Argentina, USA etc to play, as well in the Scarborough Cricket Association Women’s league.

No excuses yes there were bad management, planning and execution from the get go. This was thrown together to fool ICC into believing the program was ongoing and up to par. Lots wasn’t done according to what is expected by ICC.
Things were done unprofessionally and managed poorly.
ICC – International Cricket Council ICC Americas AND the world could see by Canada’s performance and are not fooled by false statements or what was submitted.
I can’t go on.”

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