Tidbits from Twitter

Peter Della Penna tweeted:-
“Global T20 Canada organizers send out invitations to a press conference on June 4 in Brampton, Ontario to announce the venue for this summer’s franchise tournament (hint, it’s in Brampton instead of King City).”

He also pointed out that the schedule for the U19 Americas qualifier pits Canada against USA in what will likely be the decisive match of the tournament on July 14 at King City- in competition with the World Cup final.

After today’s one sided victory by West Indies over Pakistan, followers of Associate cricket are reminded that this 10 team “World Cup” excluded associates because of the number of uncompetitive games that would result. Bertus De Jong tweeted:-
“Quick recap of all those “uncompetitive” teams that scored more runs vs the West Indies at the Qualifier than Pakistan just did:
1. All of them.
2. Brendan Taylor on his own.
3. Rameez Shahzad on his own too.”

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