Women’s cricket in Newfoundland – a new initiative

CBC NL features a new initiative by Cricket NL to develop a women’s programme in the province:-
“Cricket has a long history in this province, but that past doesn’t appear to include an official women’s cricket team. That’s something Jazz Tucker hopes to change this summer.

Tucker, with the support of Cricket Newfoundland’s men’s teams, is organizing a female cricket team in St. John’s. It’s the realization of a long-held dream that began when she met a friend of her then-roommate in Victoria and started attending her team’s cricket matches.

“For three seasons we watched cricket and I tried to figure out what they were doing on that field,” Tucker said. Then she decided to join a women’s team herself and fell in love with the sport.

Tucker, who moved to this province 15 years ago, has always wanted to start a team here, she said. She recently contacted Cricket Newfoundland and now, with their support, is working on organizing a women’s team for the upcoming season.
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