Is the GT20 draft process stifling Associate opportunity?

A well thought out article by Tim Cutler on Emerging Cricket:-
“Sixty Associates – almost 60% of GT20 player numbers – were selected across the six franchises. Their numbers constituted nearly 60% of total players numbers, but only 15% of the total salary purse. Their average was just under $8,600 and the median price $4,500. The minimum of $3,000 went to almost half of the players.
Among the 42 Full member salaries, the average was almost $65,000 with a median of $75,000.
In short, this can be done better. It’s not a matter of artificially inflating the prices for those for emerging nations, but with a few tweaks to the draft process it can be done – and not cost the event or franchise owners any more.”
Full article

Peter Della Penna participated on the Emerging Cricket podcast speaking in part on GT20 draft.
He revealed the following based on what he’d been told:
-$7500 cap for Canadian players in draft, regardless of draft reserve price they set. (cap set by CC)
– Some national team members (Gunesekera, Pervez, Weijayratne, Siddiqui, Adhihetty mentioned) may have been left off the Canada ‘A’ and ‘B’ draft lists
– Global T20 sponsored contracts for Canadian team members were only for 3 months leading into WCL2 – the remainder of the 12 months was contingent on gaining ODI status
The first 2 points are causing some unhappiness in Canadian ranks according to Della Penna (thanks to Ray for the summary).

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