2019 GT20 Schedule

It seemed to be a good idea on Monday morning to produce a simple listing of matches in the second Canada GT20 which starts on Thursday (July 25, 2019) with the game between the inaugural championship, Vancouver Knights, and Toronto Nationals.
It took slightly longer than I expected as the schedule associated with the Match Centre section of the GT20 website lacked some of the words that are included in the ticket purchase section. I was stumped by the seemingly simple teams in 3rd and 4th place playing at 12.30pm on August 7 then playing again at 4.30pm on August 8th. But then I checked the rather worn flyer for the inaugural 2018 Canada GT20 I recently picked up when in Mississauga and also checked the ticket purchasing section of the current GT20 website.
There was a missing “Round 2″ in the Match Centre section about the three games immediately following the initial round-robin series of matches, or after Round 1 as the round-robin phase was described in the 2018 Fixtures. . So the August 7 game is part of Round 2 and the August 8 game is part of the playoffs and is described as the “Knockout” game. In the August 8 game the loser of the game between teams in 3rd and 4th place is out. The winner of the Knockout game advances to Playoff Game 2 and plays the loser of Playoff Game 1.
The teams in positions 1 thru 4 of the six team standings may not be the same after Round 2 as they were at the end of the round-robin phase. But they could be: it all depends upon the results of the Round 2 matches. Meanwhile the teams that ended up in 5th and 6th positions of the round- robin after the round 2 matches are out of the competition. Then after the knock-out game only three teams are in contention for the championship.
All games are being played on the cricket ground with the new drop-in wickets at the CAA Centre, Brampton, Ontario. A lot of work has gone into the setup of temporary stands as well as work on the outfield and drop-in wickets. Let’s hope for good weather throughout the tournament. Best wishes to all the participating players and match officials.
It would be useful to include a list of how the various players in each of the six franchises bat and bowl, as well as a reminder of the relevant national, regional and other T20 league teams with which they are associated. But that dropped off my map due to missing words such as “Round 2″ and “Knockout” in the match schedule currently linked to what will become the game scorecards. The second time the teams in positions 3 and 4 meet, the loser is knocked-out, but the winner goes on to play the loser of the game between teams in 1st and 2nd place in what becomes playoff game 2.
The use of words such as “Round 2″ and “Knockout” in the schedules will be familiar territory for those who follow the Indian version of the IPL but would not be that well known to those who do not have time to monitor the IPL or who might be sports fans who might be interested in seeing a game or two of cricket. But do not fear, I’m confident the relevant team logo will appear on the schedules and link to the correct scorecard as the pairings for Round 2 emerge and the subsequent playoffs progress.
Perhaps, one day, the GT20 Final will add a North American playoffs element and become a best of three series where the first game starts early in the day?
Eddie Norfolk, Toronto, 23 July 2019

2019 GT20 Schedule/Fixtures Round 1 (Round-robin phase)
25 Jul Toronto Nationals v Vancouver Knights (12.30pm)
26 Jul Montreal Tigers v Winnipeg Hawks (4.30pm)
27 Jul Toronto Nationals v Edmonton Royals (12.30pm) Montreal Tigers v Brampton Wolves (4.30pm)
28 Jul Vancouver Knights v Winnipeg Hawks (12.30pm) Edmonton Royals v Brampton Wolves (4.30pm)
29 Jul Toronto Nationals v Winnipeg Hawks (12.30pm) Montreal Tigers v Vancouver Knights (4.30pm)
31 Jul Montreal Tigers v Edmonton Royals (12.30pm)
1 Aug Winnipeg Hawks v Brampton Wolves (12.30pm)
2 Aug Vancouver Knights v Edmonton Royals (12.30pm)
3 Aug Toronto Nationals v Brampton Wolves (12.30pm) Winnipeg Hawks v Edmonton Royals (4.30pm)
4 Aug Vancouver Knights v Brampton Wolves (12.30pm) Toronto Nationals v Montreal Tigers (4.30pm)

Round 2
6 Aug 1st v 6th (12.30pm) 2nd v 5th (4.30pm)
7 Aug
3rd v 4th (12.30pm)
Playoffs [Teams in 5th and 6th positions of standings are eliminated after Round 2]
8 Aug Playoff 1: 1st v 2nd; Knockout: 3rd v 4th (4.30pm)
10 Aug Playoff 2: Loser of Playoff 1 v Winner of Knockout (2pm)
11 Aug Final: Winner of Playoff 1 v Winner of Playoff 2 (2pm)

Media release from organizers
The Cricket World Is Arriving Soon! #GT2019

July 22, 2019, Brampton, Ontario – Truly Global. Truly Canadian. Truly Cricket. It’s all happening in the summer of the 6ix! The cricket world is arriving soon to Canada with the highly anticipated Season 2 of Global T20 Canada set to officially open this Thursday, July 25, 2019 in Brampton, Ontario.

Global T20 Canada, Canada’s first major T20 cricket tournament which made its official debut on the international stage last year, is returning with Season 2 this week, hosting players from over 40 countries to play 22 exciting cricket matches.

“We are absolutely excited to bring Canada’s first national sport back back home, bringing world-class cricket and some of its biggest names here, contributing directly to the success of this sport in Canada through this tournament,” says Gurmeet Singh, Owner/Chairman of Global T20 Canada.

Season 2 of this annual tournament will feature some of the biggest names and talents in cricket from around the globe, including Yuvraj Singh, Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle, on six new teams: the Toronto Nationals, the Vancouver Knights, the Montreal Tigers, the Edmonton Royals, the Winnipeg Hawks, and the Brampton Wolves.

The tournament is expected to be viewed by a national and global audience of over 150 million through television, as well as more than a billion across social media platforms, putting Canada in the forefront of the cricket world stage.

“We are proud that Global T20 Canada is a sporting event that brings together Commonwealth diasporas and the ‘feeling of home’ of millions of new Canadians and Canadians through their favorite sport, cricket. It brings together people of all cultures to celebrate the best of cricket with the world’s top cricketers,” Singh added.

The tournament runs from July 25 to August 11, 2019. All the games will take place at the newly-built 5000-seat world-class cricket ground at the CAA Sports Centre located at 7575 Kennedy Road South in Brampton.

Details about the tournament can be found at the official website of Global T20 Canada at www.gt20.ca.

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