World-class cricket stadium will be built in Brampton

Norm Da Costa for the Toronto Sun:-
With turf transported from Indianapolis for a new wicket and a plush new field laid out in less than three months at a cost of $3 million (U.S.), Gurmeet Singh, owner and CEO of Bombay Sports Club of the GT20 League said these annual costs could be utilized in other areas if a stadium is built as soon as possible. It didn’t take Patrick Brown, the Mayor of Brampton, long to step in.

“With the ever-changing demographics of our city and with the enthusiasm I have seen during this tournament we have decided Brampton will be the capital of cricket in Canada,’’ he told The Sun. “I was elated when the organizers approached our council last year with a proposal to host the tournament here and we pushed aggressively for it as players such as Yuvraj, Gayle and Shahid Afridi are such big role models for our youngsters. The game is growing rapidly and since most of the recent immigrants come from countries where the game is the main sport, it’s time for the players to get a world-class stadium in our city.”

Brown wasn’t willing to divulge the cost, seating capacity or where the world-class facility would be erected. But The Sun learned it will be built in Meadows Gore in the north end of the city where there’s already a massive community centre.
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