Delighted Canada is in the 2019 Global T20 World Cup Qualifier

My “worst case scenario” was less optimistic than Cricket Canada’s Delighted Canada is in the 2019 Global T20 World Cup Qualifier
It was interesting to read the Cricket Canada assessment that Canada was certain to finish in the top two and advance to the men’s 2019 Global T20 World Cup playoffs in Dubai after the Canada’s win against the Cayman Islands and before Bermuda played the USA.
Canada’s record was 3 wins and 1 no result, so had 7 points from 4 matches before the Bermuda- USA game. Canada’s last two games are against Bermuda (Saturday, August 25) and the USA (Sunday, August 26). So, if in a worst case scenario, Canada lost both games then Canada would finish on 7 points from 6 games. Bermuda and USA would each gain 2 points from the theoretical win against Canada (a theoretical win that could still happen, but my hope is for Canada to win both games).
Bermuda went into Thursday’s game against USA with 5 points from 3 games (2 wins, 1 no result) while the USA had just 2 points from 3 games (1 win, 2 losses).
The “worst case scenario” for Canada would have been a USA win against Bermuda as this would have moved USA up to 4 points from 4 games and left Bermuda on 5 points from 4 games. A USA win would have opened the door to the possibility of both Bermuda and the USA placing in the top two and Canada ending up in third place, depending as well on how much each team’s net run rate changed.
On “pure points”, the worst case scenario for Canada would have been for the USA (after the theoretical win against Bermuda) to beat both the Cayman Islands and Canada. So USA, with three wins in the second series of the round-robin could have moved up to 8 points. Canada in a “worst case” projection would be stuck on 7 points. So, if after this potential loss to the USA, Bermuda had bounced back with wins against Canada and the Cayman Islands then Bermuda would have ended on 9 points (4 wins, 1 loss, 1 no result)…..the USA projection was to end on 8 points leaving Canada on 7 points if this “doom and gloom”, worst-case scenario had unfolded.
Then in the midst of realizing that if the USA lost to Bermuda then the USA could only reach 6 points (assuming a win against Cayman Islands and Canada in the last two rounds), I realized Canada would be safely in the top two if Bermuda beat the USA. A Bermuda win would also put Bermuda on 7 points and that would bring down the curtain on the USA’s hopes of reaching the Global T20 World Cup Qualifier.
Strange Things Can Happen in Cricket
There’s no shortage of strange things that happen in the world of ICC Associates cricket, or in all forms of cricket from miscellaneous pick-up games at a park in the middle of nowhere to the county championship circuit under the England and Wales Cricket Board. In an amazing last hour of a 3-day game where the first day had been washed out, Surrey crashed to 14 all out against Essex at Chelmsford. On Thursday, when bouncing around to find the latest changes in scores for the likes of Canada-Cayman Islands and Bermuda-USA, I was surprised to find Kent
had been bowled out for 40 by Essex at Kent’s home base of Canterbury.
Some of the time lapses between what might be seen on live video streaming and the related live scorecard updates can be interesting.
Keeping the scoreboard at the ground up to date on total runs, wickets lost and overs bowled is important in my opinion for competitive cricket as it helps the players on the field.
Announcements of the latest score over a public address system or through some speaker can be useful, but if the speaker setup is poor or the wind is strong and blowing in the wrong direction then those in the middle may not be able to hear the latest score. Strong wind may also blow in musical sounds from some nearby event or party that might cause copyright issues if picked up on live streaming of a game.
Some of these potential challenges to seeing a game “live” beyond the field where it is being played and making scores known – near or far – remain theoretical in the absence of numbers to use on a scoreboard display or power supplies. The wonders of smartphones, ipads and internet connectivity may mean that people many kilometers away may have a better idea of the score than those batting or fielding at the ground where a game is being played.
The Times They Are A-Changing
“The Times They Are A-Changing” was the title of a cricket gathering, possibly ranked as a seminar, at a downtown recreation centre of the University of Toronto a month or so after the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup. Some twelve years later, Canada no longer holds the High- Performance Associate country position in cricket that followed participation in the men’s 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and appearances in the 2007 and 2011 versions of the ICC Cricket World Cup.
It will take a lot of wins for Canada to advance to the men’s 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup in India. Support for Canadian women’s cricket on the international scene required much improvement. Support, in the first instance, from within the system under the control of Cricket Canada. But, to end on some positive notes, Canada is now into this year’s Global Qualifier for the Men’s 2020 T20 World Cup in Australia and the male Under-19 team has qualified for the 2020 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in South Africa.
Some of the players from the Canadian Under-19 squad that won the ICC Americas title this summer (on the same day the number of boundaries scored was used to determine the winners of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup) are likely to be playing in the Ontario Under-19 Regional Championship at Centennial Park, Etobicoke today. The Final is between Ontario North U19s and Ontario West U19s as both teams won 2 games but lost 1 in the round-robin phase. Ontario South U19s and Ontario East U19s will playoff to determine third place. South U19s and East U19s each won 1 game but lost 2. South U19’s win came on Thursday against East U19s. Play is expected to begin at 11.30am. (EN)

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