Toronto & District Junior Playoffs this Weekend

The Labour Day Weekend is the traditional time for the junior championship playoffs in the Toronto and District Cricket Association (TDCA). It must be admitted that these junior playoffs are a male domain. There have been limited opportunities for women’s cricket in recent years under the TDCA banner.
So, following tradition, this weekend sees playoff semi-finals on Saturday (August 31, 2019) for the Under-18s and Under-14s. The Under-16 and Under-12 semi-finals are scheduled for Sunday (September 2, 2019) with the finals in all four age groups slated for Monday, the Labour Day Public Holiday.
Semi-final match-ups in each age group see the top team from the regular season play the fourth placed team while the second placed team meets the third-placed team. Morning games are due to be played at Ross Lord Park with Eglinton Flats hosting the afternoon matches. The Under-18s and Under-16s play in the mornings with both semi-finals taking place at the same time with play due to start at 8.30am. One of the afternoon semi-finals is due to begin at 12pm (noon) with the second semi-final scheduled for a 4pm start.
Monday’s finals begin at Ross Lord Park with both the Under-18 and Under-14 finals due to begin at 8.30 am. The Under-12 final is due to start at 12pm (noon) at Eglinton Flats. The Under- 16 final scheduled to start at 4pm.
Unofficial Semi-Final Match-ups
The following semi-final pairings are based on the league standings available from the website and the guidance on the TDCA’s facebook that team placed 1st in the regular season standings meets the team placed 4th with the team placed 2nd taking on the team placed 3rd in each age group.
TDCA Under-18 Semi-Finals (Ross Lord Park, Saturday at 8.30am)
Australasia (Won 5, Lost 2, No Result 1) v Oakville Cricket Academy (W 3, L 2, NR 3) Centurions (W 4, L 2, NR 2) v United Cricket Academy (W 4, L 2, NR 2)
TDCA Under-16 Semi-Finals (Ross Lord Park, Sunday at 8.30am) Qasra (W 5, L 0, NR 2) v Australasia U16B (W 2, L 3, NR 2) United (W 5, L 1, NR 1) v Australasia U16A (W 5, L 2, NR 0)
TDCA Under-14 Semi-Finals (Eglinton Flats, Saturday) United (W 11, L 0, NR 1) v Australasia (W 7, L 3, NR 2) Qasra (W 9, L 2, NR 1) v Cardinal Academy (W 8, L 2, NR 2)
TDCA Under-12 Semi-Finals (Eglinton Flats, Sunday)
Cardinals Academy (W 11, L 1, NR 0) v Ontario Cricket Academy (W 4, L 6, NR 2) Australasia (W 9, L 2, NR 1) v Vaughan Academy (W 6, L 4, NR 2)

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