US report card has lessons for Canada

Peter Della Penna analyses the USA’s poor performance in the ICC Regional T20 finals:-
“Don’t hire coaches on three-month contracts…
That kind of role is tasked with setting the vision and direction of a national team program structure over several years requiring an extended full-time commitment. It can not be realistically accomplished by someone filling up space as a short-term rental.

It’s also ideal to at least make an attempt at establishing some semblance of a transparent process to achieve that. Followers of the national team may have found it somewhat curious that just hours after Pubudu Dassanayake’s resignation was reported, USA Cricket already had a ready-made press release announcing More and his crew as the new coaching staff.

There was no application process. There wasn’t even a headhunting process. It was simply a case of several board members bringing in some of their old pals from India along with a few others who were recommended.”
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