Second World Cup Challenge League A Tournament – March 2020 in Malaysia

An ICC Media release issued on 14 October 2019, following an ICC Board meeting had concluded in Dubai, included news that the second Challenge League Division A tournament is to be played in Malaysia from 14-27 March 2020. This tournament is the second of three for Canada in Challenge League A that form the path to India and the 2023 ODI version of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The top team in the standings after three tournaments will advance to a playoff qualifier that is the second step on the path to India 2023.
The relevant section in that ICC media release reads:
Challenge League A and B
Malaysia will host the ICC Challenge League A from 14-27 March 2020 whilst Uganda has been appointed to host ICC Challenge League B from 27 July – 9 August 2020.”
Canada Leads on Net Run Rate
Canada leads Challenge League Division A ahead of Singapore due to a better Net Run Rate (NRR). Singapore began the tournament with a loss to Qatar but inflicted Canada’s first and only defeat in that event on the last day. Canada lost by 4 runs to Singapore under the D/L system following a stoppage due to rain when Canada was batting.
Canada ended the first tournament with 4 wins, 1 loss, NRR 2.253. Singapore had 4 wins and 1 loss, NRR 0.384.
Qatar won 3 and lost 2; Denmark won 2 and lost 3; Malaysia won 1 and lost 4; Vanuatu won 1 and lost 4.

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