Interview with Dassanakaye

Interview with former national team coach, Pubudu Dassanakaye (PD), by Devesh Shankar (January 10, 2020?)

Summary provided by Ray on the Forum..

On National Team
Dassanayake says Canada currently have better talent than Nepal and USA.
Even in losing, team has to fight hard to maintain a competitive run rate.

On 2011 World Cup
PD says his plan was to bring more youth into the team after qualification for 2011 WC.
At the 2011 WC he had disagreement with CC which led to him leaving team.

on pursuing ODI status
* PD said he is willing to help Canada in some capacity.
* CC must maintain team playing in tournaments between ICC tournaments since current ODI status teams are playing frequently
* PD Believes Canada needs:
– interprovincial tournament to keep players engaged and identify talent
– a HP program throughout year with at least top 25 players (on contract) to maintain fitness, training.
– players need to play overseas in winter due to short Canadian domestic season.
– Canada need full time coach to plan and prepare 2 years in advance for big tournament, not 3 months ahead.

My comments on interview:
While Dassanayake may be angling for his old job by appearing on this show he is not wrong in his assessments, he is available and CC does not seem to have named a coach, so …

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