Sportstrends interviews coach and CC director on U19 World Cup

Another long Youtube interview

Summarised for us by Ray on the forum.
Sports Trends interview with Mohammed Shaikh (Director Cricket Canada responsible for Junior cricket) and Farooq Kirmani
(Head Coach U19 Cricket Team) regarding recent participation in 2020 U19 WC South Africa.

M Sheik:
On U19 WC and U19 programs
* Canada has been the top Associate team in the past two tournaments.(??)
* 95 players have represented Canada at U19 World Cups. 22 of them have gone on to play in the Senior Team.
* Alberta and B.C. junior programs are getting bigger. Greater numbers from those provinces can be expected in the future.

On GT20
* Very important to discussion of development.
* Example given of bringing non-cricket friends to GT20 who really enjoyed the experience.
* Many cricket fans still not aware of tournament.
* There will be 6 Canadians in each of the GT20 teams for 2020.
* Women’s exhibition match to be played during GT20.

On graduation to Senior NT
* CC trying to bring in corporate sponsorship.
* New campaign to seek employer for NT members who will be sympathetic to time off for international cricket.
* CC trying to create development structure (i.e. Development team).
* CC will add some of the U19 graduates to its practice squad.

On limitations of ICC funding
* Until “recently”, Associates were required to pay a participation fee to play Americas tournaments.
* For ICC tournaments, ICC only pays flights, accommodations for 16 players and staff. Per diems, player allowances, pre-tour, etc. Must be borne by the countries.
* Example given that Canada were planning to visit USA: $86,000 for two week tour.

* CC hopeful of having 3rd round of Challenge League played in Canada.
* CC want to revive Auty Cup.

F. Kirmani :
* Canadian players are very talented but lack the support and preparation of the big nations.
* Funding is needed for more specialized support staff.
* U15 and U19 teams need experience on turf wicket.
* Canada Cup U19 coming up this summer in Ontario.

My thoughts:
This interview was very informative with regard to ICC requirements.
Employment of NT members in lieu of funding may be a useful alternative for corporate sponsors.
The example of non-cricket fans enjoying GT20 shows how important it is to market the tournament to both cricket fans and those unfamiliar with the game.
Canada #1 Associate Nation @ U19 WC ?? umm… Scotland finished ahead of us.

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