Cricket Ontario’s Updated Listing of Member Leagues

Cricket Ontario/The Cricket Council of Ontario has recently updated the website listing of member leagues . The new listing includes five (5) Full Member Leagues, five (5) Affiliated Member Leagues and one (1) Associate Member League.

No cricket academy is listed as any kind of member or associate when looking at the option about “Cricket Academies” although those who operate indoor cricket academies and/or those who operate indoor cricket facilities seem to be pillars supporting cricket development at least within the Greater Toronto Area. Pillars whose financial walls will have taken a battering during the early part of what has become pandemic year 2020.

The five Full Member Leagues are:

. Brampton-Etobicoke District Cricket League; . Hamilton & District Cricket League;
. Mississauga Cricket League;
. Ottawa Valley Cricket Council;
. Toronto & District Cricket Association.

The five Affiliated Member Leagues are:

. Mississauga Premier Cricket League;
. Northern Ontario Cricket League;
. Region of Waterloo Cricket Association;
. South Western Ontario Cricket League;
. Scarborough Cricket Association.

The Associate Member League is Canadian Colleges Cricket.

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