Closing Group Matches Due in Cricket Ontario Junior Championships

The male version of the Ontario Regional Under-18 and Under-16 championships began on Monday (August 17, 2020) at Maple Leaf Cricket Club, the home territory of the Toronto and District Cricket Association. Evidence that these two events, previously played in separate weeks, were underway emerged via ball-by-ball scoring on the website.
The path to the Final of the 2020 Cricket Ontario Under-16 Regional Championship is already closed to the Under-16 North and Under-16 West region teams as both South Under-16 and East Under-16 have each won twice before going head-to-head on Wednesday (August 19, 2020) and are certain to meet again on Thursday in the 2020 Ontario Regional Under-16 Championship Final.
This leaves North Under-16s (Lost 2, Points 0) and West Under-16s (Lost 2, Points 0) to meet on Wednesday for the chance to place third place in the group standings, then play against on again on Thursday in the match to determine third place in the 2020 Ontario Under-16 Regional Championship.

Observe Relevant Ontario Emergency Regulations
Ontario Emergency Laws and Regulations during this era of the Covid-19 pandemic severely restrict the number of people who are allowed to be present at recreational sporting events, as do local regional and municipalities. There seem to be four squads of 12 players for each of the two junior championships which seems to meets the provincial requirements. There is a paragraph in the Ontario recreational and sports regulations that lists certain professional sports leagues for which separate legal agreements and arrangements apply, including negotiations between leagues or teams and the different levels of government in Canada, and for certain major league sports, the USA.
So some of what you see from a sporting perspective in a National Hockey League game played in either the Toronto or Edmonton bubbles may not be allowed in the broader life spectrum of a designated recreational sport. The far from enclosed world of professional baseball has certainly been hit by some infections, while the Toronto Blue Jays have been exiled to play most home games in Buffalo, New York.
Cricket Ontario has posted some photos on facebook about their current Ontario Junior cricket tournaments.

Tied Games Adds a Twist in Under-18 Competition
Monday’s opening round in the Under-18 championship included a tie between East Under-18 and West Under-18, which adds to the possibilities of which teams place first and second after the last pair of Under-18 group matches end. North Under-18 beat South Under-18 in Monday’s other game. On Tuesday North lost to East U18s while South went down against West U19s.
So there is a chance on Wednesday for the U18 North Under-18 team (Won 1, Lost 1, Points 2) to open the gate to the Under-18 Regional Championship Final with a solid win against West Under-18 (Won 1, Lost 0, Tied 1, Points 3).
East Under-18 (Won 1, Lost 0, Tied 1, Points 3) will, of course, be looking for a win on Wednesday against South Under-18 (Won 0, Lost 2, Points 0) to seal a place in the U18 Final. South U18s are out of contention for a place in the U18 final but a win or tie by South U18s in this closing round of group matches could add a twist to the Under-18 final’s participants.
A tied game between North U18 and West U18s on Wednesday could similarly add a twist and touch of confusion to the eventual placings in the Under-18 competition. Perhaps one tied game is enough, especially as it shows in one summary version of the standings as “N/R” (No Result).
Someone corrected the detailed scores for North U18 win against South U18 some time after play had ended on Monday. I was mystified by South U18 93/3 (16.1 overs) seemingly having lost to North U18 93/1 (18.4 overs). South U18s batted out the allotted 40 overs, ending on 216/9. South U18’s opening bat and captain Jash Shah lead with 68 before being run out. Birthday boy Arjun Thuraisingham’s haul of wickets for North U18s in this game doubled to 4 as he picked up two wickets in the closing stages after taking the first two wickets of the South U18 innings, before South U18 reached 93/3.
Certain skills are required by scorers whether using a manual/written scorebook/scoresheet approach (which replaced notches on a piece of wood) or computer scoring. The elements of the scorers knowing who’s who in batting, bowling and fielding is similarly important.
Many, if not all, the players participating in these two junior tournaments are likely to have hopes of playing for Canada in a future ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup with many then hoping to progress to play for Canada in an ODI or T20I World Cup but may have to settle for a List A international or two until Canada rises back into the upper ranks of the ICC Associate Members.
Eddie Norfolk, Toronto
August 19, 2020

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