Ontario West Capture Women’s T20 Championship

Terisha Lavia

Ontario West beat Ontario East by15 in Thursday’s Final and won the Ontario Women’s T20 Championship at Centennial Park, Etobicoke (Toronto, Ontario). West captain Terisha Lavia struck a half-century in a second wicket stand of 100 with opening bat Kainat Qazi. Terisha Lavia’s innings included 6 boundaries before she was caught for 50, scored off 40 balls. Kainat Qazi was 42* when the innings closed at 115/2 after 20 overs.
Miryam Khokhar and Achini Perera had posted 41 runs for Ontario East’s first when Achini Perera was caught for 18 (24 balls). East’s innings ticket along in a lower gear than they would have liked. Their batters at 4, 5 and 6 in the order each made a few runs at around 1 run per ball when something slightly better was needed. Miryam Khohkar was out fourth for 35 (48 balls), bowled by Suboor Khan, after captain Kamna Mirchanani had been out third with 7 runs from 9 balls. Hiba Shamshad scored 14 runs from 15 balls and Rabbjyot Raghut made 12 runs from 14 balls. East’s innings ended with a run out at 100/8 after 20 overs.
It was a bit of a strange day with threats of a storm that did not materialize during daylight hours. A downpour was in progress around 3am when I first sparked to life on Thursday but projected storms evaded Etobicoke so the Final was able go ahead. Indeed it started a few minutes before the originally scheduled 5pm start, which probably made sense as the setting sun can pose a challenge in the field.
East fielded first before the sun began to lower in the western sky. Given the high temperatures based on heat and humidity it would have seemed a good idea to allow a break for drinks after the first 10 overs had been bowled. Both teams made fielding errors. Some of the fielding mistakes may have been due the heat and some to the lowering angle of the sun. Some might reasonably be related to the uneven contours of the part of the outfield but other mistakes were mistakes. This has been a much shortened cricket season due to the pandemic and emergency regulations. Several people were playing cricket in the nets, or out in the open. Two groups took advantage of the weather to play soccer to the north and south of the Ontario Women’s T20 Cricket Final.
So congratulations to Ontario West Women’s team and best wishes to the players, coaches and officials involved in the organizing and playing of this tournament. Three squirrels raced up a tree seeking cover as the wind gained pace when I left home for Centennial Park. Twenty minutes or so later I was at the ground, the sky was light blue with a few fluffy clouds, the sun was shining and I saw the opening ball of the game.
Ontario West had won 3 of the three league games against Ontario East earlier this week. Hopefully next year there will be four Ontario Regional teams participating in the next Women’s T20 Championship.
Eddie Norfolk, Toronto,
August 28, 2020.

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