Toronto DCA T20

With the restrictions on the 2020 cricket season due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions on social gatherings and distancing, the TDCA committee decided on a tournament with T20 format and now nearing almost the end during the coming weekend.
The tournament ELITE division had two groups, A & B each group having 9 teams in each which gave eight games per team to play. At the conclusion of the league games, In Group A, Centurions C.C. ended up as the unbeaten table leaders with a record of 8-7-0-1 (tie) followed by Toronto SCC-A, Victoria Park and Ahmadiya A. In Group B, OCA topped the table with a record of 8-6-2-0, followed by Victoria Park A, Yashi Sports Elite and MS Boys. The first four teams in each group qualified for the Quarter Finals which will be played at King City grounds on the 26th Saturday, starting at 2.00 pm
The Q/F line up is as follows: Elite Division
• Q/F – 1) Centurions Vs MS Boys
• Q/F – 2) TSCC Vs Yashi Sports Elite
• Q/F – 3) Victoria Park Vs Victoria Park A
• Q/F – 4) Ahmadiya Vs OCA
Semi Finals will be on Sunday, 27th Sep at the same venue, starting at 10.00 am with Winner of Q/F1 vs. Winner of Q/F2 and Winner of Q/F 3 vs. Winner of Q/F 4 playing for the finals which will begin at 2.00 pm. Finals will be played on MLCC – A grounds.
In the run-up to the play-offs, there were six centurions, namely Srimantha Wijeyeratne (Centurions C.C.) 121* & 100*, Majid Murtaza (Spartans) 100, Quavi Salman (Maplequest C.C.) 100, Rayyan Khan Pathan (Yashi Sports Elite) 100, Naeem Iqbal (MS Boys) 100 & Hiral Patel (Victoria Park A) 129. Two topped the 300 mark, Nitish Kumar (TSCC) leading with 366 runs and followed by Srimantha Wijeyeratne (Centurions) 300 runs. Incidentally Nitish Kumar scored 4 half centuries with highest being 91.
In bowling department, Toronto SCC Joshi Rishiv led with 15 wickets, P. Podiratnam (MS Boys) 13, Nikhil Dutta (Centurions) 13, Harsh Thaker (Tranzac) 12, Geremy Gordon (Yashi), Hiral Patel (VP-A) Verma Ayush (TSCC), Shlok Patel (OCA), Uvin Bandara (Centurions), Irfan Mohammod (Spartans) all with 11 wickets and Negi Suraj (Saprtans) had 10 wickets.
With fair weather forecaster for the week end and it will be an interesting playoff games to watch with most of the top class Canadian talent participating.
Wishing all participating clubs the very best.
Srinath Wijeyeratne

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