Players in Ajax hope newly renovated pitch will be open to everyone

Ali Raza, Jessica Ng for CBC
Ajit Parab is just one of a growing number of people in Ajax who want to play cricket close to home. But right now, he and his friends are frustrated because they have very few places to play.

That’s because the one facility that’s suitable is booked solid under an agreement that’s been in place for 40 years between the town and the Ajax Cricket Club. The cricket pitch at 615 Monarch Ave. was built by the club in 1980, and under the deal it gets priority use of the facility, provided club members look after the pitch and clubhouse.

“All the slots are booked, the town says there are no slots available,” a frustrated Parab told CBC News.

But all that is about to change, according to the town. The deal with the club ends this year and Ajax will spend $895,000, combined with $2.4 million from the federal and provincial governments, to upgrade and renovate the cricket facility.

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