Netherlands file formal complaint over King City shambles (CricketEurope)

Bertus de Jong writes…
The KNCB filed a formal complaint with the ICC in advance of the two WCL ODIs between Canada and the Netherlands this week, in response to what it claims were ill prepared and ill maintained playing facilities at the venue, Maple Leaf Cricket Club in King City, Toronto. The games were played under protest. Organisational problems at the club became increasingly evident as the games approached as the ICC were forced to scrap their plans to provide a live video stream of the game on their website, apparently due to a petty dispute over scaffolding. Upon arrival, members of the press were informed that no internet facilities would be provided – a long-standing problem at Canadian clubs but nonetheless risible at a ground that aspires to be an recognised international venue. But the focus of the KNCB’s complaint, (filed before the start of the first game) is the ground itself, which was rendered unfit for play by overnight rain.
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