Cricket in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Cricket fans are found in every corner of Canada- including New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, whose local paper, the News profiles Ajay Shirke
“Ajay Shirke takes to cricket as many Canadians take to hockey – with plenty of passion. That’s why he never washes the souvenir hat his brother-in-law bought for him at the 2011 Cricket World Cup, part of which was held in Mumbai, in Shirke’s native country of India.
“My brother-in-law, who lives in Texas, went to watch the finals,” he explains. “When India won, he purchased this hat for me.”
Shirke (pronounced sure-kay), said it was bought from an outdoor vendor following India’s triumph on home soil (Canada also took part in the 2011 World Cup, finishing sixth out of seven teams in their pool) and with the wind blowing dust through the dry streets of Mumbai, there was already dust ground into the hat when it was bought.
It’s still there.
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