Fine Legs bring a global game to West Vancouver

Anna Dimoff for North Shore News:-
Fine leg is a fielding position on the pitch and also the inspiration for the name of West Vancouver’s Fine Legs, a women’s team that caters to players of all ages and skill level across the North Shore. The team is one of three in the region, which includes the Meralomas of Vancouver and the Wicket Maidens of Victoria.
North Vancouver’s Patricia Truter joined the Fine Legs three years ago when a friend invited her to participate in the sport she had watched while growing up in South Africa.
“I said no I’m too old and I’ve never played cricket,” Truter said with a laugh. “They said to just come and try it out and I fell in love with the game. … Everybody gets a chance to bat and everybody gets a chance to bowl, even if you’re good or not good. People from all skill levels can be integrated in one team and it’s a nice way to play, where you can play with very experienced players and also people who’ve got no background. It’s a nice way to integrate with the community and do something that provides you fitness and is fun.”

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