ICC writes warning letter to CCA President


MEMO TO: Geoff Edwards, President Canada Cricket Association

FROM: Andrew Eade, ICC Development Manager

CC: CCA Executive Board, CCA Provincial Directors, Bob Woolmer, Martin Vieira, Malcolm Speed, Ellis Lewis

DATE: 23 June 2003

Dear Geoff,

I am writing to you officially to express my grave concern over the lack of direction and governance within the Canada Cricket Association over the last 12 months. This has manifested itself primarily in regard to the ICC High Performance Program, but I believe it relates to all areas of operation.

Matters have come to a head with the most recent visit of the ICC High Performance Manager to Toronto. In his view the visit was a total waste of time with no preparation having been completed by the CCA and no arrangements having been made for him to meet with a cross section of stakeholders as had been requested.

Matters were exacerbated by the fact that the CCA Executive had no planning whatsoever in place for its national team. The High Performance Manager was left with the impression that no progress was being made despite the outstanding performance of the players at the World Cup and that his involvement with Canada cricket was largely a waste of time.

I agree with this judgement and am firmly of the opinion that until there is a substantial change in the style of the current administration of the Canada Cricket Association there is little chance of the Canada developing under the High Performance Program.

Both the High Performance Manager and myself are aware that this is a serious matter and consequently I raised the issue at the recent ICC Development Committee meeting in New York.

Following a long discussion the committee requested that the CCA be put on notice that their participation in the High Performance Program was under review and that the Development Manager had been asked to report back to the next Development Committee meeting on progress made over the next six months. At that time, should there be no significant improvement in the functioning of the CCA administration, the committee would consider suspending Canada from the High Performance Program.

Further to this request I am now writing to officially advise you of this position. I have also copied other members of your Executive Board and the CCA Provincial Directors as I believe it is important that everyone understands the seriousness of this situation.

Both the High Performance Manager and myself are committed to work with the CCA to bring about the necessary improvements in administration. However we can not do this without the whole hearted support of the current Executive. In particular what will be required is a new willingness to involve more people in the variety of important tasks that must be undertaken, and a willingness by the President to delegate managerial functions to the CCA Administrator (whether he be paid or volunteer) and other key volunteer officials.

I have asked the ICC Regional Development Manager, who has an intimate and long standing understanding of Canadian cricket through decades of involvement, to propose a course of action that may address the areas of concern. He will write to you shortly in this regard and the responsiveness of yourself and the CCA Executive to the measures suggested will be of paramount importance when considering progress made over the next six months.


Andrew Eade
Development Manager