It happened One Day at King City


Colin Mohammed


Last week I was at a college in Brampton, Ontario and I saw fliers advertising "cricket tryouts" Novel idea, intra-mural college cricket. After my class I drove over to a mall to an engraving store to purchase a gift for a close friend of mine, and I asked the attendant, "Do you have any cricket related logos?" His reply "No, but we should, almost every day we get asked for themŠ" Well, what do those two events have to do with King City?

Under a threatening sky and biting winds, four grounds were booked with the inaugural Ahmadiyya Cricket Club Tape Ball Tournament. I was invited to the tournament by an ex-schoolmate of mine from York University, however when the day came, it was seriously questionable if the matches would be played.

Still, I braved the winds, hail and rain and drove up to King City. I arrived safely, and the first thought to my head was, "only in CanadaŠ" You see the parking lot to the Maple Leaf grounds was jammed full. Imagine that; under what was quite approaching zero degrees with the wind and drizzle; there were enough people to fill the parking lot. According to the organizers, these supporters and players were there since 10am, I arrived at around 1pm. Obviously there was exceptional community support.

I bravely came out of my car and walked around the matches in progress, I saw player t-shirts worn over sweaters with logos and advertisements of corporate sponsors, I saw officials directing games and of course the mandatory barbeque tent. It was quite an accomplishment to have a tournament of this magnitude with only 3 weeks of planning and advertisement. I soon found out that teams came in from as far as Montreal and Detroit. The passion for the game was very obvious and long overdue in expression. The most encouraging words that my host gave me were that they are planning to make this an annual event and talks of "under lights" were being thrown about. Imagine that, team work, community support, corporate sponsorship and long term goal planning. Perhaps there is a lesson in there for anyone who is Associated with Canadian Cricket. If the yardstick was player participation/availability, crowd support and parking space this first time event was quite a success.

Next year's tournament will be quite an event, if those people who braved the cold and wind came out in force, what would happen if the conditions were sunny? I am already looking forward to itŠ

Perhaps the next time I go to the engraving store they will have what I am looking for, or maybe there will be a fixture in the College papers, Seneca vs. Sheridan at Eglinton Flats 50 over, team list belowŠ. Colin Mohammed