Greetings from the Land of Oz - a letter to


Donald Rose


I was born in Canada but have lived in Australia since 1969. I am a cricket administrator, Umpire and ex player.

I was fascinated by the high level of curiosity in Canadian cricket during the World Cup. Few were aware that Canada played any cricket at all and even more surprised that Canada could send a team which was able to win a match. I retain my Canadian accent even after 3 12 decades so got many questions about Canadian cricket.

My son played in Toronto a few years ago which he enjoyed enormously. Consequently I became well acquainted with the Canadian cricket scene. Armed with this knowledge I pointed out to those in Australia who wanted to know, that Canada competes in the Red Stripe Bowl and plays international matches from time to time (you played Holland while my son was there).

Cricket can become a truly world sport in the next couple of decades and it is vital that countries like Canada, the USA and others build up their strength.

What I would like to offer is for a promising young player or players who want a season of good coaching, and experience playing in the heat and ferocity of Australian cricket in Sydney to contact me. While we can't pay anything we can offer the finest coaching anywhere, assistance in finding accommodation and I can assist with getting a job while here. The usual thing is to come over on a Backpacker's Visa which allows the person to work.

We just had two young English players here and they are about to set off on a sightseeing trip around Australia and New Zealand before heading back home. While the lads are here they can undertake the ACB Coaching accreditation program and qualify as coaches. If the lad or lads are students I can make inquiries in advance about making up courses in Australia with the approval of their own Universities or Colleges.

If anyone is interested, they don't have to be in the Canadian team but this would be a great opportunity to have skills tested in some of the toughest cricket outside the Test scene. Anyone interested should visit our web site shown below and click on the "Want To Play" button.

We have a close association with the Parramatta Club and would evaluate the player and discuss with the player where he was most likely to gain the greatest benefit. Each club offers different benefits depending on the skill level and maturity of the player.

Donald Rose
Senior Vice President