An apology to Ron Fanfare, Editor, SHARE


Jon Harris


Readers may have seen the article on the Forum section "CCA recommends the World Cup Qualifying Series (WCQS) be scrapped" which was posted on April 4 2003.

It is essential that I call this piece like it is, for what it is, and for what it is not.

The expectorate of personal opinion, and invective, should not be cowardly hidden by being cloaked in another's identity.

Therefore, Ron Fanfare, the editor of SHARE, is owed an unequivocal apology. I have made that apology privately, and now do so publicly on behalf of the Canadian cricket community.

The author of the WCQS rant has revealed a great deal about himself, even though he chose to be anonymous. He revealed that he is prepared to malign, by association, a valuable and credible Canadian cricket resource, (SHARE), which also is a recognized news source for Caribbean Canadians.

Now that it is confirmed that the source was not Share, the whole 'rant' is discredited. For example, the many quotes in the 'rant' have no attribution to indicate where these originated. That is problematic, for we have no way of knowing whether the CCA President uttered even a single word quoted. There is an assumption by the author of this piece that readers will accept that the words attributed to the CCA President, were spoken by him. That assumption demonstrates an arrogance which implicitly underestimates the sophistication of many of our cricketers who have post secondary education.

If we were to accept that the words were those of the CCA President, how can we know if there is validity to our understanding, when we are denied the context in which they were uttered?

I have spoken with Austin Ward, who is also quoted in the rant, and he has stated emphatically that he did not say, or write, what is attributed to him. Austin has dedicated much of his working life to Canadian cricket. Austin Ward is also owed an apology. I have made that apology on your behalf, privately, and now do so publicly.

If the CCA President cares to comment, on the anonymous and scurrilous rant, he can have as much space as he deems fit.

My views on the lax, and lacking, administration of cricket in Canada are unequivocal and have always been published over my name. I have no particular problem with the concept of regime change, provided it follows the path of legitimate expressions of issues through debate. As a matter of course, this should be combined with the proscribed process of election, weighted as they are to maintain the status quo.

I think that by comparing other material posted on the Forum it is possible to identify the author. What we write, and the way we use language is an identifier. That sometimes means that there is an agenda behind the prose. That agenda clearly includes a propaganda campaign. In the parlance of current events, the motive for propaganda is 'regime change'. (Which reminds me that there is very important meeting of the Ontario Cricket Association at the Ontario Sports offices in Toronto on Sunday April 27. The meeting may well eventually determine who is going to be the next CCA President. It is scheduled to start at 10 o'clock in the morning. It is important to have many cricketers present. The future of how 'your' game is administered at a national level is at stake. You don't show up, don't let me hear you complain again about the way Canadian cricket is administered.).

The offending, and offensive, article is reproduced below.

Jon Harris.

Source: Share


Now that the CCA cronies had their "free holiday" and short-term glory, they are no longer interested in the development of cricket in Canada. I know that at least three CCA idiots were at the final in SA (Goof and Mrs Goof, Singh, Jack). If the WCQS goes ahead, it is too much work for the lazy, incompetent, brainless, clueless idiots. Also, if the WCQS goes ahead, there will be less money for these idiots to spend on themselves.

"I knew about the shortfall of funding and how it could possibly affect the staging of the WCQS," said Dr. Edwards who was in South Africa for the last week of the World Cup to attend ICC meetings. "There is less money around and obviously decisions have to be made as to where to spend it. It's now a matter of where the priorities are."

Goof is not only an expert in predicting "shortfalls" in the CCA but also in theICC-.well-said Goof!- OK, what are the priorities? One would think that developing cricket would be the priority!!!

"Eade stressed the decision to scrap the WCQS was made by the nations themselves. For it to proceed would have resulted in their grants being greatly reduced." -This means the idiots would have had less money to spend on themselves. So, scrap a cricket tournament. Well-done Goof!!

"Dr. Edwards said that Canada's 'grant' from the ICC has been significantly reduced." Well-said Goof!

Well, Goof: have you ever said anything positive about CCA,s monetary position? You are good at blaming it on someone else.

"I can't disclose any figures now until I discuss the situation with the CCA executive board," said Dr. Edwards. "Hey Goof: have you ever disclosed anything before? Why would you do it now? Mark my word- you will never disclose it.

"Lavish spending"

"A senior CCA official told Share he is stunned that the ICC is experiencing a shortfall of funds after spending lavishly on the World Cup."

"What this means is that we will not get the necessary funding to sustain some of our programs, yet the ICC went out on a big spending spree for the World Cup," said CCA administrative assistant Austin Ward. World Cup squads were flown first-class to South Africa. Each player and official had their own hotel room. The return airfare was approximately Can$11,000 each." Gee Mr-. How nice of you. Why can,t you look at your own CCA's backyard? If you are this forthcoming to point fingers at ICC, why don,t you follow it up with what CCA has done with their money/spending in 2002-2003? Just tell us how much CCA has spent for the CCA cronies to go to SA. Then you will have some credibility. "Dr. Edwards says his cash-strapped body will continue to try to access funding and sponsors." Talk is cheap Goof. Why change now? Is CCA "cash-strapped" only now? It has been for years according to your own "crying". What would you do now that you have not done before? I don,t think there is one sponsor left on this planet that would be willing to show you any money. The only way you can convince sponsors to put money into CCA is for you to disappear.

A side comment on Australian Bennett King:

Hey Goof: you cited on CBC and other places that Logie has been in the world cup, etc, etc, unlike Tomas. Therefore he was a "better coach". Well, your brothers (as incompetent as you are) down south have brought an Australian and not Logie. By the way King has never been to a "world cup". Logie has been overlooked despite his "world cup experience". What do you think Goof?

It should be noted that the Australian coach ' Bennett King' has declined to coach for the WICB.