Martin Vierra sets the record straight (Jon Harris)

There have been some rumours about the players selected for the tournament in which the u-19 Canadian team is currently participating in.

I have been advised by Martin Vierra that:-

1.     There are NO players on the Canadian squad who are not eligible to take part in the TCL W.I. U19 tournament as outlined by the WICB.

2.     Every tournament has different eligibility rules, the TCL U19 WICB is different from the Americas U19, and different from the Youth World Cup.

3.    Canada is looking at some players who will be eligible for the World Cup, but were not eligible for the Americas U19.

4.    The current tour is not an ICC tournament and therefore ICC eligibility does not apply. However all of the Canadian players meet and surpass any requirement of the tournament they are currently taking part in.

The touring party is made up of the following personnel:-

Umar Bhatti        Capt.        LA fast bowler, LH bat
Adam Baksh         V/Capt    RA medium pace , RH bat
Soham Anjaria                    LA leg spinner, RH bat
Zaker Akbary                      RA fast bowler
Gavin Bastiampillai              RH opening bat , RA off spinner
Trevin Bastiampillai             RH # 4 bat , RA off spinner
Andrew Chatterpaul              LH bat , RA medium pacer
Karun Jethi                     RH # 3 bat, RA off spinner
Shaheed Keshvani                RA off spinner, RH bat
Ryan Lall                       RH opening bat
Jasjit Mangat                   RH bat , RA medium pacer
Kasun Perera                    W/K , RH bat
Muhammad Qazi                   RH # 3 bat, RA medium pacer
Durand Soraine                  RH middle order bat, RA medium pacer
Manager:                        Patrick Christian
Coach:                          Rupert Gomes

Thank you Martin.
Jon Harris.