When will they ever learn - a commentary
Jon Harris
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When will they ever learn - a commentary  (Jon Harris)

I came across the following on another cricket web site: "for its inconsistencies, lack of transparency and illogical decision-making, .. the Board .. is generating distrust and disgust among knowledgeable cricket fans across the region. I have personally expressed displeasure at their clandestine operational mode and maintain that things are not as they should be.". For a brief moment I had the impression that the article was about the Canadian Cricket Association. Unfortunately it was written by Nigel McKenzie a cricket columnist for Guyana's Kaieteur News about the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). I just don't get it. Why is it that cricket administrators lose sight of their mission? Why don't they get it that they are the servants, paying back what they got out of  "our game"

The recent story by Norman da Costa, precisely reflects for me, in a Canadian context, the perspective of McKenzie's views. Read Norman's article by clicking on to the title  Paupers at cricket's shining palace  Sport's elite at World Cup  But Canadians live hand-to-mouth

It would appear that our Canadian cricket administrators are hell bent to bring our game into disrepute. The Laws of Cricket - Code 2000 clearly state that a cricketer shall be reported by the umpires for actions which are perceived to bring cricket into disrepute, and shall be subject to discipline, following a hearing. This was most recently demonstrated in Australia, with a Test player being fined part of his match fee. I think that somehow this same authority should be applicable to Canadian cricket administrators. But, hey, as the old song goes, "I can dream, can't I".

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