CCA AGM - moving forward positively?

The following has been transcribed from the Canadian Cricket Association web site.

"Toronto: November 29, 2004 - Provincial directors elected three new Vice Presidents and Treasurer at the 112 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Cricket Association. The two day meeting concluded yesterday at the Travelodge Hotel on Dixon Rd in Toronto. Other highlights included the announcement that the Financial Records of the association are now in order with proper audited statements presented for both 2003 and 2004 fiscal year ends. The lack of audited statement was the main road block to the fundraising efforts of the new executives in 2004. The newly elected board members are: 1st VP - Howard Petrook (Toronto), 2nd VP - Ramesh Jagoo (SOCA), 3rd VP - Cliff Cox (BC), Treasurer-Traddie L. Simpson (Toronto). There was also two changes made to various commitees, Errol Townsend replaced Rupert Gomes as Ontario Senior Selector and Patsy Baksh replaced Ken Bhagaloo as the Scorers Coordinator.".

The terse nature of the Canadian Cricket Association's announcement is commendable. It is brief, succinct and to the point, with no wasted words. The hidden mantra would appear to be 'lets be positve and move forward'.

So what does 'positive' mean to a cricketer? It could mean hitting a six and scoring a hundred runs. Now that is fine for the batsmen. For the bowler that century would be a negative.

The bowler's positive would be taking all ten wickets for the lowest possible number of runs, which most certainly would be a negative for the batsmen.

The mantra 'lets be positive and move forward' probably has no relevance to active cricketers. However, it would appear to resonate with cricket administrators.

Thinking positively, the Canadian Cricket Association is looking to resolve its apparent debt load. This is a laudable objective. Without having access to the newly minted, and audited, financial statement there can only be conjecture about how the CCA is going to resolve what appears to be a serious cash flow problem.

If the truth could be told to cricketers, their collective knowledge and wisdom could be tapped. The CCA have the tools to communicate. For the love of the game, they should use them. That would require courage and trust in the people who wear white on the field of play: all twenty four of them. As the Bard put it, "I wonder men dare trust themselves with men."

(Jon Harris)