Bradman in Canada, 1932


Calgary Herald, June 18/32

Australians Defeat Duncan 503 for Eight Wickets Declared, To 184.    

    Giving one of  the greatest exhibitions of batting in the history of cricket on Vancouver Island the touring Australians defeated the representative team of the Cowichan Club in the opening match of their tour yesterday, 503 for eight wickets, declared to 184. The tourists proved to be brilliant batsmen and of the seven retired. A.F. Kippax was the only one bowled, the remaining six being caught.

     The match was played under ideal weather conditions and attracted a large attendance from all parts of the Island. The home team went to bat first and at lunch had scored 150 runs for the loss of ten wickets.

    In an effort to make the match more even and of greater interest to the spectators the Cowichan Club batted eighteen men and fielded eleven.

    Don Bradman, recognized as the world's leading batsman, contributed an even sixty towards his team's total. The great star gave a great exhibition of his terrific drives to boundary and over the fences drew down rounds of applause. During his stand he knocked out twelve boundaries besides several sixes.

    Stan McCabe gave an outstanding performance with the bat making a stand for 150 runs. Partnered with Kippax this pair scored runs at great speed and their partnership was one of the bright lights of the match. McCabe stepped in on the ball with tremendous force and his terrific drives into the woods on all sides of the pitch were a revelation to the spectators.

    An example of the feat scoring of the visitors can be seen from the fact that Bradman and Richardson put on fifty runs in seven minutes. The Australians also scored 200 runs in a little less than an hour.

    Captain Mailey was the most effective with the ball taking eleven Cowichan wickets for 64 runs. Fleetwood Smith accounted for six for 111.

    Playing out time the Cowichan team complied 91 runs for the loss of two wickets in their second venture, Ryall contributing 21 not out and Mayo 39 not out. Bradman dismissed Ball for 22 and Nowbray for 5.  

The Cowichan Cricket and Sports Club has a photograph from that day in 1932.

Australia's Innings 
V Richardson          c Leggatt          b Cole                76
R Nutt                c Leggatt          b Cole                31
D Bradman             c and              b Baiah               60
AF Kippax                                b Baiah               59
S McCabe              c Green            b Rhodes             150
K Tolhurst            c Ryan             b Rhodes              22
E Rofe                c Ryan             b Rhodes              21
H Carter              not out                                  23
AA Mailey             not out                                  53
Extras                                                          8
Total                 (for 8 wickets)                         503 

Did not bat: P Carney, L Fleetwood Smith

Cowichan Inning 
HA Rhodes             c Carter           b Mailey               1
R Walton                                 b Mailey              22
FH Allwood            c McCabe           b Mailey               0
JH Ryall              c McCabe           b Mailey               7
CT Mayo               c Carter           b Fleetwood-Smith     35
LAS Cole                                 b Mailey              16
ES Liggott            c McCabe           b Fleetwood Smith      8
EC Ball               lbw                b Fleetwood Smith      7
WU Mowbray                               b Fleetwood Smith     39
AE Green                                 b Mailey               0
A Gillespie           c Rofe             b Mailey               2
W Unsworth            c Rofe             b Fleetwood Smith      4
GG Baish              c Kippax           b Fleetwood Smith     35
FC Williams Freeman                      b Mailey               0
F Hine                                   b Mailey               0
AGH Tisdall                              b Mailey               3
GA Jobbing                               b Mailey               0
A Leighton                               b Mailey               1
Extras                                                          4
Total                                                          184 
Transcribed records from the archives of the University of Calgary. Cricketers, and most particularly scorers, will note that all eighteen batsmen for Cowichan are recorded as having been dismissed, with no recording of a 'not out' batsman. The name Mowbray and Nowbray on the scorecard and in the match report would also appear to be an inconsistency. The Australians would also appear to have lost only 7 wickets and not eight, as recorded in the text and the scorecard. The scorers, who I know, will suggest that the typesetters made the error. It would also appear from the language that the match reporter was not particularly familiar with our game.  The Canadian Oxford Dictionary gives one definition of 'tilt' to be "a challenge". (Jon Harris)  

Archives accessed and transcribed by Jon Harris.

Note that the touring team captain, Richardson, was the grandfather of two great Australian Test cricketers, Gregg and Ian Chappell. Ian Chappell also played at Brockton Point and the TCC&SC as part of an Australian touring party on their way to an Ashes series of Tests.

Selected match reports and other material will be published weekly. These matches were played as far east in Canada as Montreal. The touring party was entertained by Babe Ruth in Yankee Stadium, New York, and in Hollywood by movie stars of the day. The touring party returned to Australia to face Jardine's bodyline attack.

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