The CCA and coaching

2 December 2004

After my attendance at the Woolmer coaching sessions, I contacted the CCA Secretary asking for a letter to confirm my attendance at the course. Given that I am seeking certification from the National Coaching Certification Program, as well as having ongoing portfolio reviews from professional organizations, I needed the letter as formal proof of my attendance. I was summarily told that no such letter would be provided. I further pressed the Secretary for a letter, which resulted in my requests being ignored.

At the recent CCA AGM I was told that Mr. Woolmer wrote assessments for each individual attendee. Given that we wrote a final theory exam, as well as a supervised practical test with an under 19 player, I was also under the impression that results would be given to the participants. However, this was also not to be. Further, I was told that Mr Woolmer, did in fact send the assessments to a responsible party.  I have yet to see my assessment.

The core of any successful cricketing nation is of course a tight coaching and development programme, nationally administered. As of yesterday, I have still to see any evidence of anyone attempting to organize a national coaching structure. Time and again, I've been told that the Government provides the NCCP, which an excellent theoretical base but does not focus in on cricket. I discussed this with the NCCP instructor attending the CCA AGM and the answer was that "the specific sport governing body should be providing Technical and Practical training sessions".  I have not yet seen any courses run by qualified individuals in Ontario. Perhaps the new administration should make this a paramount goal.  It is fine to have "public" meetings in a room built for 10 people and elect officers, however, until the elected officers take a decisive position and actually begin to work towards building a visible structure, cricket administrators will largely be disconnected from the cricket playing public.

It is my assessment that standard of cricket being played within the school system in Toronto and the Peel Region is quite high. The recent organizing of a couple of University cricket student groups, within Toronto, will lead to larger student run tournaments. This will become an effective breeding ground for local talent. It would be interesting to ask any of these students in the High Schools and University groups if they know or care about the existence of a "CCA".

(Colin Mohammed).