CCA faces motion of no-confidence

19 May 2004

A recent posting on the Forum suggested that a "Motion of Non-confidence in the C. C. A. Executive" had been served. From my sources I can confirm that the correct procedure has been followed and that the new administration has acknowledged the receipt of these papers. It is understood that the motion was endorsed by representatives from Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Having recently attended a Canadian Cricket Association Town Hall meeting, and become privy to the extraordinary amount of work President Ben Sennick has invested in the future development of Canadian cricket, and the revitalization of the CCA, this must come as a bitter disappointment to him.

The process of dealing with a motion of non-confidence will be dealt with at a meeting of the Board of the CCA. Essentially the same process as that which saw the end of the Edwardian era will be followed.

There has been no indication of the nature of the 'complaint' that predicated the motion of non-confidence. I am advised that the motion will require a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors to succeed. (Jon Harris).