Sunnybrook revisited - again

30 September 2004

At the conclusion of the ICC Trophy 2001 tournament, a soiree was organized under the trees in front of the  Sunnybrook Park pavilion  This function was on the edge of the playing field which was used for the recent Canada versus Bermuda game.

With other volunteers who had made the event a great success, we congratulated each other and shared our stories. The discussions which were most notable arose from the oft repeated question, "Who is going to look after the turf wickets".

These turf wickets were essential to the ICC requirements for Canada to host the tournament. They were located in  various parts of the Greater Toronto Area, from Malton to the west of the city to Ajax in the east, and from Sunnybrook in the south to King City to the north of the city.

An incredible effort to host visitors from four continents at considerable expense was supposed to have a legacy. The particular legacy was to be the invaluable resource of a number of turf wickets, developed by the considerable energy and commitment of the imported cricket groundsmen.

Unfortunately, the legacy was frittered away in all but three locations

In a recent conversation with a fellow founder of the Ajax CC, we recalled the Sunnybrook soiree melancholy. The inevitable demise of most of the turf wickets was verified by the unanswered question, "who was going to do the work". There was a consensus that it would not be the Edwardian Canadian Cricket Association

Earlier this summer a great deal of time and energy was devoted to successfully recreating a turf wicket at Sunnybrook  This was for the purposes of hosting the visit of Bermuda, in order that the three day game be accepted as a 1st class match. The question of who is going to do the work to maintain the resuscitated wicket has to be restated. Is there a consensus that there is going to be a legacy from the Sennick Canadian Cricket Association?

From the photos below it is apparent that we have deja vu ..... again. The aspirations for Canada to submit an application  to the ICC for ODI status is contingent upon there being turf wickets from coast to coast, among a lot of other criteria. 

(Jon Harris).