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Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 4M2
Telephone (204) 925-5672
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About Cricket in Manitoba

Provincial Teams

Senior Men's Provincial Team

  • Team Members
  • Participates in Western Canada Championships

Under 25 Men's Provincial Team

  • Team Members
    • Damian Mills (Captain) - Former Canada U-19 , U-23, and National Player
    • Joseph Lovelace - Former U-19 Canada
    • Paul Ziesmann - Former U-19 Canada
    • Tommy Jilani - Former Under U-19
    • Justin Holz
    • Gareth Yates
    • Matthew Dalloo
    • Suresh Jayarama
    • Neil Barrate
    • Dawson Roberts
    • John Roux
    • Andrew Dunsford
    • Ray Ramrattan - Manager
    • Ron Dipchand - Coach (Former Naitonal Player, Former U-19 Canada Coach, Current U-19 Canada Manager)
  • Participates in Western Under-25 Championships (B.C. and Alberta) held every Victoria Day (May) Long Weekend in Edmonton

Under 18 Men's Provincial Team

  • Team Members
  • Participates in Under-18 Canada Cup (B.C., Ontario, Quebec, Alberta)

Provincial League Teams (2 Divisions)

  • All India Cricket Club (2 teams)
  • Bloomfield Cricket Club
  • Carlton Cricket Club
  • Cosmos Cricket Club
  • East Kildonan Cricket Club
  • Gimli
  • Lions Cricket Club (2 teams)
  • MCA Under-19 Development Team
  • Pakistan Cricket Club
  • Olympians Cricket Club
  • Springboks Cricket Club
  • Virden Cricket Club
  • Winnipeg Juniors Cricket Club

Inter-Provincial Championships

Recreational Teams - 20 overs Matches on Wednesdays

Other Information

  • Mantioba Cricket Association employs a Full-Time Cricket Administrator
  • Mantioba School Cricket League
  • Manitoba Winter Indoor League
  • Manitoba is introducing 2-Day Competition for the 2002 season. There are only 4 teams registered: Winnepeg Juniors CC, Lions CC, All India CC, and a Cosmos/Bloomfield Combined XI. Players can play for different teams in the 2-day comp because it is a separate comp. This will allow players to play 2-day cricket if their club (which they play one-day cricket for) doesn't enter a team into team 2-day comp.

Manitoba Umpire's Association

  • Azad Hosein
    106 Arden Avenue,
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R2M 2K2




President: John Lovelace
Vice President: Ray Ramrattan
Executive Secretary: Dr. Barry Mills
Treasurer: Ric Kallu

League Chairman: Allan Morrison
League Secretary: Norman Barrate
Executive at Large: Jon Page
Umpires Chairman: Undetermined

Cricket in Manitoba

Presently, cricket in Manitoba is organized exclusively under the auspices of the Manitoba Cricket Association. It is organized on a year round basis - (an Indoor and an Outdoor Season) - with most of the organized games being played in the City of Winnipeg, but little by little the game is being decentralized and is being played in 5 of the 8 Sporting Regions (Divisions) of Manitoba.

The Outdoor season, which is the standard regulation cricket, runs from May to September and the Indoor Season which is a modified form of the game, runs from October in a given year to the end of April in the following year. The Indoor version also consists of (i) a 7-a-Side competition that runs from October to December and (ii) a 6-a-Side competition that runs from January to April.

In the Outdoor season there are 12 clubs in 2 Divisions - [6 in Division "A" and 8 in Division "B"]. Matches are of 40-overs duration. The Winner of Division "A" earns the right to represent Manitoba in the John Ross Robertson Western Provincial Club championships.

In the just completed Indoor season, there were 4 teams in Division "A" and 5 teams in Division "B" in the 7-a-Side competition; and the 6-a-Side competition had 5 Teams in Division in "A" and 6 teams in "B".

The teams for the various competitions are formed mainly from the 10 Clubs that play in the outdoor competition.

Regional Cricket

Manitoba is divided into 8 Sporting Regions and cricket is being played in 5 of these regions - Winnipeg, Eastman, Westman, Central and the Interlake. Outside of Winnipeg, competitive cricket is being played in the Westman [towns of Virden and Brandon] and Interlake [towns of Gimli, Riverton and Arborg] regions. In fact, the Outdoor schedule for 2001 shows some of the Winnipeg games being played on the newly constructed ground at the Interlake (town of Gimli). Junior players from the Westman region (town of Virden) journey to Winnipeg on weekends [a distance of approximately 300 kms] to play on junior teams in the Outdoor competition.

In other regions where there is no competitive cricket, efforts are being made to have competition if and when the number of cricketers warrant.

School and Junior cricket

In the 1990's a push was made to have cricket in the Schools of Winnipeg and the Regions. Today this is a reality - with cricket in 14 Junior High and 8 Senior High schools - and the push is still going forward. So much so, that in Winnipeg there are competitions for Junior and Senior High Schools. There are also "invitational tournaments" for schools not engaged in regular competitions. These schools may be from Winnipeg as well as the other regions of Manitoba.

There is also yearly, in June, a "Kanga Ball" cricket Jamboree to which schools from all over the province are invited to participate and as many as 20 schools do accept the offer.

There is a Saturday morning summer outdoor league organized for Schools. During the summer also there is a very popular and highly successful weeklong camp for Juniors age 7 to 19.

Although at one time there were cricket teams from the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba, at present there is none.

Various other

Manitoba Cricket Association tries to provide cricket programs across the spectrum - those designed for the grassroots cricketers as well as for the high performance athlete. Foreigners and term professionals - teachers, medical doctors, military personnel, traveling salesmen etc. - who wish to play cricket either align themselves with one of the established clubs or may play recreationally. The mix of cricketers in Manitoba resembles the Manitoba cultural mosaic - England (UK), West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka etc.

There is a recreational Wednesday evening series of games that take place during the summer. There is also an "over 40" program for keep fit enthusiasts and those who wish to socialize in the winter.

Manitoba Cricket Association conducts regular Coaching and Umpiring clinics to qualify personnel to help run the various programs. Some past cricketers and aspiring juniors are now a vital part of the ongoing cricket scene in Manitoba. A qualified, full time Coach and Executive Director is responsible for many of the programs.

The Manitoba Cricket Association acknowledges the part played by the many volunteers, the Regional Coordinators, Sport Manitoba, the government of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg and other funding agencies in helping to promote the sport of cricket in the province.

John Lovelace, President
May 14, 2001