Summer League Week 3


Gurman made 57 in a losing cause

Week 3 of the League saw the Avengers maintain their unbeaten record with a nine wicket win over the Eagles, and the Tigers cruising to a 10 wicket win over the Superkings. In both matches the side winning the toss batted first but failed with the bat, being bowled out inside their twenty overs.
Only one Eagle batsman (Nadeem Saqlain with an unbeaten 14) managed double figures thanks to a strong all round bowling effort led by man of the match Dhrumit Bhatt with 3 for 7. They made just 55, batting just over 10 overs. The Avengers lost an early wicket but then Senthil Selvamani (24*) and Rahul Vashishtha (29*) took them to an easy win with 11.4 overs to spare. Rahul has now made 205 runs this season being only dismissed once.

The second match followed a similar course. The Superkings got off to a promising start, with 16 on the board before the first wicket fell, but no-one could offer any support to Gurman Khurana whose excellent 57 was the only reason the Superkings posted 81. No other batsman made more than 6, and there were five ducks. Hummam Bin Saif took 4/6 with steady straight spin bowling. He then led the reply with an unbeaten half century, clearly the man of the match, and Saad gave him good support as the Eagles won by 10 wickets in 16.2 overs.

The Avengers top the table with a 3-0 record, with the Tigers in second with two wins and a loss.
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Summer League Week 2

NL Avengers Vs Newfoundland Super Kings:

NL Avengers won by 35 runs
Newfoundland Super Kings won the toss and elected to field first.
NL Avengers: 142/8 in 20 overs
Rahul Vashishtha 69(58)
Purvi Kalyan 4-0-17-3
Newfoundland Super Kings: 107/7 in 20 overs
Amit Sundly 49(63)
Senthil Selvamani 4-0-19-2
Rajitha Jayasinghe 3-0-11-2
MOM: Rahul Vashishtha

NL Eagles Vs NL Tigers:
NL Tigers won by 52 runs
NL Tigers won the toss and elected to bat first.
NL Tigers: 104/9 in 20 overs
Saad Jahangir 35(40)
Nouman Rashid 4-0-21-4
Waqas Ali 4-0-13-2
NL Eagles: 52/10 in 16.2 overs
Hummam Bin Saif 4-0-6-3
Shaifan Ahmed 3-0-10-2
Abrar Khan 3-0-12-2
Ayaz Ghani 3.2-0-11-2
MOM: Hummam Bin Saif

Summer League gets under way

Summer League got underway June 20 with the Avengers beating the Tigers by 111 runs, and the Superkings with a narrow win over the Eagles.

The opening day featured some great cricket, despite less than ideal field conditions. In the opener, the Superkings pulled off a narrow two wicket win over the Eagles. Purvi Kalyan took 4/23 in the Eagles innings to earn man of the match honours.

The second match saw two amazing performances both in the Avengers innings. Ayaz showed the virtue of bowling straight, taking 6 wickets for 24 runs, all bowled, but this was overshadowed by man of the match Rahul Vashishtha’s brilliant century, only the third century since cricket resumed on the province five years ago. He made an unbeaten 108 from just 52 balls hitting thirteen sixes. The Superkings ran out winners by 111 runs.

Summary scores:
Eagles 94 runs for 9 wickets from 20 overs, Purvi Kalyan, 4/23
Superkings 101/8 from 15 overs

Avengers 193/7 from 20 overs, Rahul Vashishtha 108*, Ayaz Ghani 6/24
Tigers 82 all out, Luftor Rahman 23*

Summer League

This year’s Summer League will see a record four teams taking part, playing every weekend. NL Avengers, Newfoundland Tigers, Newfoundland Superkings and NL Eagleswill battle for the Atrul Ahuja Cup and the Herringshaw Cup. The format remains 20-20. Teams and schedule follow:-

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President’s Trophy match

Newfoundlanders and Vikings. Also big thanks to Chithran Vasudevan - Spring League Chairman and Cricket NL Official for the Presidents Trophy 2015.

President’s trophy: President’s Newfoundlanders won by 40 runs

President’s Newfoundlanders won the toss and elected to bat first.
President’s Newfoundlanders: 75/3 in 10 overs
Newfoundland Vikings: 35/6 in 9.1 overs

MOM: Kankayaliyan Thillayampalam 27*(17)

President’s Newfoundlanders: Rahul Vashisht(C), Senthil Selvamani, Deep Patel, Ali Malik, Kankayaliyan Thillayampalam, Samaa Madhawa, Nayanjit Udara

Newfoundland Vikings: Abrar Khan(C), Tamkin Khan, Saad Jahangir, Ayaz Khani, Adeel Illyas, Nadeem Saqlain, Khurram Shehzad.

Super Six Challengers win Spring tournament

Winners Super Six Challengers. From left, Kranthi Kumar, Punit Dahiya, Gurman Khurana, Amit Sundly(C), Rakesh Negi and Shuo Saha.

Semi Final 1:
Nomads Vs Super Six Challengers: “Super Six Challengers” won by 22 runs
“Super Six Challengers” won the toss and elected to bat first
Super Six Challengers 831/1 in 8 overs & Nomads: 61/2 in 8 overs
MOM: Rakesh Negi (Super Six Challengers) 62*(30) & 3-0-21-1

Semi Final 2:
BD Tigers Vs Lions: “BD Tigers” won by 4 wicktes
“BD Tigers” won the toss and elected to field first
Lions 59/1 in 8 overs & BD Tigers: 64/1 in 7.2 overs
MOM: G Abeywickrama (Lions) 23(25), 2-0-15-0

BD Tigers Vs Super Six Challengers: “Super Six Challengers” won by 6 runs in a intense roller coaster match.
“BD Tigers” won the toss and elected to field first. Super Six Challengers was struggling with 41/2 at the end of 7th over but Gurman Khurana scored 30 runs in last over which allowed Super Six Challengers to post a challenging total of 71/2 in 8 overs.
In reply, BD Tigers started well with Abrar Khan and Tamkin Khan. BD Tigers was 53/1 at the end of the 4th over. But in the 5th over, Rakesh Negi took 2 wickets and conceded just one run. This over changed the match and BD Tigers were all out just 6 runs behind and 1 ball remaining.
Super Six Challengers 71/2 in 8 overs & BD Tigers: 65/5 in 7.5 overs
MOM: Rakesh Negi (Super Six Challengers) 3-0-23-3

Spring league 2015-Runners up BD Tigers From Left, Abrar Khan(C), Biswajit Saha, Nazrul Shikhon, Ayaz Khani, Tamkin Khan and Shaifan Ahmed.

Cricket NL would like to thank all Captains, Managers, Players and volunteers for making this tournament successful. Particualr thanks to Chithran for his organization, umpiring and scoring.

Spring tournament

Spring League 2015
Match 1:
BD Tigers Vs Gladiators: “BD Tigers” won by 3 wickets
“Gladiators” won the toss and elected to bat first
Gladiators 77/4 in 8 overs & BD Tigers: 80/2 in 6.3 overs
MOM: Ayaz Ghani (BD Tigers) 53*(17)
Match 2:
Lions Vs Nomads: “Nomads” won by 4 wickets
“Lions” won the toss and elected to bat first
Lions 58/3 in 8 overs & Nomads: 61/1 in 6.1 overs
MOM: Rahul Vashisht (Nomads) 33*(18) & 1-0-3-1
Match 3:
BD Tigers Vs PSA: “BD Tigers” won by 4 wickets
“BD Tigers” won the toss and elected to field first
PSA 41/5 in 7.3 overs & BD Tigers: 42/1 in 4 overs
MOM: Abrar Khan (BD Tigers) 3-0-8-2 & 1 catch
Match 4:
Super Six Vs Super Heroes: “Super Heroes” won by 7 runs
“Super Six” won the toss and elected to field first
Super Heroes 85/2 in 8 overs & Super Six: 78/5 in 7.3 overs
MOM: Chithran Vasudevan (Super Heroes) 35(25) & 3-0-15-2
Match 5:
BD Tigers Vs Super Six Challengers: “BD Tigers” won by 3 wickets
“BD Tigers” won the toss and elected to field first
Super Six Challengers 50/5 in 7.5 overs & BD Tigers: 52/2 in 6 overs
MOM: Biswajit Saha (BD Tigers) 3-0-16-2

Match 6:
Super Six Challengers Vs Gladiators: “Super Six Challengers” won by 4 wickets
“Gladiators” won the toss and elected to bat first
Gladiators 39/5 in 5 overs & Super Six Challengers: 40/1 in 4.3 overs
MOM: Rakesh Negi (Super Six Challengers) 21*(12) & 2-0-6-4

Match 7:
Super Heroes Vs Lions: “Lions” won by 5 wickets
“Super Heroes” won the toss and elected to bat first
Super Heroes 20/5 in 4.1 overs & Lions: 23/0 in 1.5 overs
MOM: Samaa Madhava (Lions) 2-0-9-3

Match 8:
Gladiators Vs PSA: “Gladiators” won by 47 runs
“Gladiators” won the toss and elected to bat first
Gladiators 77/2 in 8 overs & PSA: 30/5 in 6.3 overs
MOM: Nouman Rasheed (Gladiators) 44*(29) & 1 catch

Newfoundland cricketer finally gets Wisden obituary

JS Munn JS Munn

John Shannon Munn, Newfoundland’s greatest cricketer died tragically in 1918. Despite playing in 10 first class matches for Oxford with considerable success, his death was not noted in the obituaries in Wisden’s Cricketers Almanack, the “cricketer’s bible”, likely because the editors were overwhelmed by the number of young cricketers dying in the First World War.
Ninety-seven years later, Wisden has remedied the omission, as Munn is included in a section of supplementary obituaries mostly composed of others who died in WW1.
JS Munn biography

Sea Hawks win fall league


Congratulations to the Sea Hawks, Fall league champions. The members of the winning team are Kranthi Kumar, S Saha, Talha Riaz, Gurman Khurana, Suhail Parry and Sonu Pathak.
Semi Final 1:
PSA Vs Lions: “Lions” won by 2 wickets
“PSA” won the toss and elected to bat first
PSA 55/3 in 8 overs & Lions: 56/3 in 7.4 overs
MOM: Kankayaliyan Thillaiyampalam 26*(21)
Semi Final 2:
Nomads Vs Sea Hawks: “Sea Hawks” won by 12 runs
“Sea Hawks” won the toss and elected to bat first
Sea Hawks 40/5 in 7.5 overs & Nomads: 28/5 in 4.3 overs
MOM: Suhail Parry 4(7) & 2.3-0-12-3

Lions Vs Sea Hawks: “Sea Hawks” won by 45 runs
“Lions” won the toss and elected to bowl first
Sea Hawks 80/2 in 8 overs & Lions : 35/5 in 7.3 overs
MOM: Gurman Khurana 51*(27) & 1 runout

Fall league – round 3

Fall League 2014- Third round results

Match 9:
MUN Riders Vs BD Tigers (Group B): “MUN Riders” won
BD Tigers defaulted-  didn’t have enough players.

Match 10:
Sea Hawks Vs Gladiators (Group A): “Sea Hawks” won by 28 runs
“Sea Hawks” won the toss and elected to bat first
Sea Hawks 60/4 in 8 overs & Gladiators: 32/5 in 6 overs
MOM: Suhail Parry 24*(11) & 3-0-7-4

Match 11:
Lions Vs Nomads(Group B): “Nomads” won by 34 runs
“Lions” won the toss and elected to bowl first
Nomads 72/3 in 8 overs & Lions: 38/4 in 8 overs
MOM: Senthil Selvamani 26*(15) & 1-0-1-2

Match 12:
PSA Vs Crackers (Group A): “PSA” won by 3 wickets
“Crackers” won the toss and elected to bat first
Crackers 51/3 in 8 overs & PSA : 52/2 in 5 overs
MOM: Waqas Ali 36*(18)