Nets usage policy and booking

Nets can be booked by e-mailing


Usage is for paid up Cricket NL members in good standing.

Non members need to join the organization before using the nets in order to be covered by insurance. Guests can join practice at their own risk, but non members who wish to practice regularly must join Cricket NL.

Members must leave nets clean and tidy. Any problems with the facility, equipment or cleanliness should be reported to the Cricket NL board.


Safe operating procedure should be used at all times. Please ensure gate to nets is closed when practice is underway, and that spectators are outside the netting or fully aware of practice. There is a serious risk of injury from hard hit straight drives.

Any batsman facing pace bowling with the hard ball must wear protective equipment.

Practice must be conducted in a responsible manner at all times.

If there are vehicles parked in line with the nets, or members of the public using the vulnerable area, practice must be restricted with no intentional lofted hits. Any batsman contravening this practice will be asked to leave the batting area immediately.


Cricket NL bookings take priority over club events.

Club bookings:

Bookings must be placed on the Cricket NL calendar (see below) to be considered valid.

Booking slots;

  • Maximum 2 hour booking on weekend, 90 minutes during week.
  • Clubs can book one exclusive slot per week (both nets); additional bookings must accommodate other members by providing access to one net during practice.
  • Each club can book one weekend slot, one mid week slot.
  • Bookings can be first come first served if open 24 hours prior to session – i.e if a 10-12 Sunday slot is not booked by 10 Saturday it is open to all to book.
  • Weekend slots; 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6
  • Mid week slots; 5-6:30, 6:30-8

Nets must be vacated promptly if another team is waiting.

When allocated by booking to a club, other Cricket NL members should not interfere with the other clubs practices and maintain decorum. Clubs can choose to integrate other Cricket NL members into their practice sessions.

Any member in good standing can use the nets facility when not booked by a club or Cricket NL, but should book times on the nets calendar through board members, or club managers or captains to avoid conflicts, and to ensure Cricket NL is aware of who is using the nets.

Cricket NL reserves the right to ban any member from using the nets facilities if they have has been found abusing and misusing them. This could be one such incident or accumulations of multiple events based on the severity of the event.

The Cricket NL discipline policy applies to the nets.

Adopted June 2016