The Detractors' Perspective of a sullied day watching Canada win the match at the Maple Leaf Cricket Club


Jon Harris

The letter from a visitor from England raised issues regarding the organisation and management for the Windies 'A' match at King City. By sheer coincidence I had met our visitors at the Brockton Point ground in Vancouver.

Part of Roy Adams’ letter speaks to the reality of a much larger malaise. The manifested symptoms of the CCA, in this instance, was the lack of planning. Planning has as a fundamental precept, which is the concept of objectives. Once the objectives have been delineated, and understood , planning can be developed. There has to be a strategy, because the planning is within the strategy. Once the strategy is agreed upon the modes of implementation for financing, promotion and on site management can be dealt with.

What was obvious to Roy Adams was obvious to many others at the match, for some dozen or so asked me why there was no admission fee. 2000 people in attendance at $10 for admission would have covered the costs of this event and left much more than the collection proceeds. Goodness knows the CCA needs the money.

What I did not tell the visitors from England was that the day had already been sullied by an unseemly incident. In the military this would have resulted in a court martial for conduct unbecoming of an officer. In our cricket world it would be seen as bringing 'our’ game into disrepute. The President of the Toronto & District Cricket Association should never have to carry a begging bowl around the ground for a grubby $672, when a minimal amount of skill would probably have grossed $20,000. Humiliating as it must have been for the President of the T&D, it is nevertheless emblematic of the competence of the Canadian Cricket Association.


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