Womens cricket in Canada


Jon Harris
e-mail: hennessy.harris@sympatico.ca


The recent broadcast of a segment on CBC Radio, which included a segment on cricket in Canada, concluded with a quiz about Canadain cricket. There were more than 40 entries, three from women. The three women each won a prize for the correct answer. Obviously women in Canada have an interest in cricket. Why do we have no visible
presence for women in Canadian cricket? In Gimli, Manitoba, girls are being taught the game, I met the organizor who showed me around the newly created cricket facilities in this small town 100 miles north of Winnipeg. About four years ago I umpired a game at Upper Canada College where a womens team played against the 2nd XI. All
these women had talent and enthusiasm. This year, I am unable to locate a team in the largest metropolis in the country. What should we learn from this about Canada's cricket progress?


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