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The (T&DCA) President's proclamation was that "He would not rest until all 11 of the Canadian team is from Toronto." To date perhaps 8 out of that team are playing in the Toronto and District Premier Division.

This is a highly commendable goal and would most certainly create a high drive for excellence, however, it is counter productive to the National picture. It is also a dangerous precursor to breaking ties with the CCA.

In my piece "The Art of War" I alluded to disparate generals (lowercase fully intended!) overseeing their own Fiefdoms. This is the case developing within the Toronto and District. The proposals presented by George Williams are certainly viable, albeit in need of a few adjustments, to reform the current executive. Certainly, these proposals should have been presented and argued years ago. I find it intriguing though, that the executive would openly state their disapproval, certainly legal but in very bad form.

One major salient point was made; that the same people are elected every year. Now then, why is that? Are we as a community so lacking in leaders that none can come forward; or is it a case of latency? The responsibility for this problem is squarely on the shoulders of the cricketing community. Why have we allowed a Fiefdom to develop? I agree to a certain extent that the T&D did manage some progress in keeping the GTA Parks and Recreation happy and our players on the field. However, when questioned about the implementation and execution of a methodology with a defined goal, the deflection was worthy of Bush's spin-doctors.

Ladies and Gentlemen we need to stop this chaos and adopt Professional attitudes. My question then becomes twofold: why did we allow this Fiefdom to develop, secondly why are the Executives of Toronto and District so hell-bent on having the National team selected solely from the GTA? Based on recent reports and demographics on immigration patterns the Greater Toronto Area will always have a consistent influx of people from the cricket playing nations and thus will have a distinct advantage in developing First Class athletes. I fail to understand why they are seeking to isolate the rest of the Provinces.

We are at a point where we can gain the momentum of the World Cup to adequately sell this sport to the North American public. However, without strong internal organization, nothing of the sort will materialize. In the National schema there are far too many egos running unchecked and behaving counter productively to positive development. Can you imagine the implications if Ontario suddenly decides to sever ties with the rest of the country?

I agree that the board has a large responsibility however they are still running at a marginal C grade mainly because of bad internal organization, lack of professionalism, poor dissemination of information and by their own admission, the failure to start meetings on time.

It would be a tremendous waste if this opportunity to advance Cricket passes us by because the leadership are too busy plucking the strings of the famed Roman violin, yet why has this attitude prevailed over the years?

Can we not admit there are flaws and repair them? George Williams' proposals are a step in the right direction but we must not allow the ageing chieftains to dissuade our decisions. Their time has ended, it is the moment to step down gracefully and allow change to progress; and we must not be afraid to step up to the challenge and do the justice Cricket deserves.


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