Re: Canadian Cricket Journalism - Errol Townshend


Dori Krinski

This is a reply to Mr Townsend's comments . Please
publish this below his tome if possible .

Mr Townsend , having been a journalist for 43 years is
quite an achievement . I am surprised that you have
lasted so long , considering the constructive comments
you preach that you write .

It is strange that the majority of the players you
choose to attack belong to the club that I happen to
be a member of . It also so happens to be the club you
chastised in an article you wrote about the ICC
tournament last year .

According to the ICC , this tournament was the best
run of all in comparison to the other qualifying
events . Mr T was apparently on the committee to run
this tournament , but was asked to step down as by the
new committee , which was made up mainly of members of
my club ,due to the appearance that nothing was being
achieved .

The so called praise of team Canada is so by the by ,
and if it is taken in context with the entire article
is faint praise indeed .

My missives on the forum for which Joe and I have been
criticized for relate to Mr Townsend's article
relating to Canada's loss to Trinidad . Please read
this carefully , and should you find this article
reflective of Canada's performance over the past few
weeks , please let me know .

I am an unabashed supporter of the players and
coaching staff of our national team , and as such will
be cheering them on in South Africa . I feel that the
task that our team will be facing is monumental ,
given the obstacles placed in their way , and as such
,we should encourage the boys as much as possible to
perform to the best of their abilities .

Perhaps I am naive according to Mr T , but I would
rather be naive than bitter .

As for my spelling of your name , please learn to
spell mine correctly as well .


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