A positive story about a cricket gold miner


Jon Harris
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There are a lot of strange things going on in our Canadian cricket theatre, one of which I came across at the recent meeting of the Toronto Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association.

David Liverman, the webmaster for the Canadian Cricket Association web site, wears a lot of different hats. Some are cricket related. Others involve his day job away from cricket, and is conducted from the Newfoundland Geological Survey. That day job is geological in nature, and leads to research without the traditional hammer and few long treks in the wilderness. Research tends to take the researcher in strange directions, and it has resulted in Dave discovering information about dormant Canadian cricket money. I am not sure what particular thread of gold took Dave through to the archival information at the Bank of Canada, but it appears it was whilst he was wearing another "hat", as volunteer President of Prince of Wales skating club that he did strike gold for cricket

The particular ‘pot of gold’, most recently found in an abandoned bank account, was in the name of the Toronto Umpires Association. The necessary formalities are underway, and soon the TC&SA will be nearly $700 better off as a result. Previously Dave had discovered records of some other Canadian cricket club money. Unfortunately they were so obscure that the Bank of Canada gets to keep the money.

Dave has contributed to the well being of Canadian cricket in many ways. He worked as an electronic scorer and commentator at the ICC Trophy 2001, which provided me with ball by ball excitement for some of the games in the tournament I was unable to attend. He is one if those real friends of Canadian cricket who keep working away in a part of Canada where there is no cricket, for in addition to his work on the CCA website, he is a Director of Cricinfo, and has a website on Bradman. You can find out about his real jobs by visiting a couple of web-pages.

Take a look at http://www.mun.ca/geog/people/facstaff/faculty/liver.html and http://www.geosurv.gov.nf.ca/ggt/liverman.html

(the picture on the ‘geosurv’ site was taken on the TCSCC ground during the ICC Trophy 2001)

In his spare time Dave is working on an article on John Shannon Munn who “holds a somewhat obscure place in the history of both cricket, and of Newfoundland”. The article can be read at: http://www.cricinfo.com/link_to_database/PLAYERS/ENG/M/MUNN_JS_01031984/JS Munn .

The draft of the article presently runs to 10 pages ...... so when yous goin to finish it boyo?

Thanks Dave for the pot of gold, and all the other work you do for Canadian cricket. When you next clean off that hammer send me a piece of “the Rock”, ..... but yous can keep the weather.


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