Whats wrong with Canada cricket?

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Re: Whats wrong with Canada cricket?

Post by ray » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:22 am

Emerging cricket article on recent rise of Singapore:
https://www.emergingcricket.com/feature ... ot-at-all/

Their recent successes are no accident but rather the result of hard work and lots of matches. The implication is that the board are well-supported financially. It is not a surprise Singapore are stronger.

Canada will have to tap into the programs provided by their GT20 benefactors (contracts and training tours) to improve our team. Let's hear what is planned, Cricket Canada.

You're right, mautan. CC has not shown great creativity is the recent past. The exception was perhaps the CC Summer Festival last year from which Romesh Eranga, Ravinderpal Singh, Rodrigo Thomas and Harsh Thaker emerged. Now that our board has a little funding, they definitely have to put it to use.

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