Q & A with Mr. Errol Townshend, 2nd Vice-President, CCA

canadacricket.com has obtained two documents that you had presented to the T&D at their 2002 AGM:

1. Concerning an Under-23 team in their Premier Division
2. Concerning a Victoria Day Weekend Cricket Festival

We have heard recently that the Proposal for the Under-23 team has been accepted and they will play in the Premier Division. Could tell us a little about the goal of this team, and if this idea will be used in the two other major leagues in Canada, the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League and the Quebec Federation League?

Also, we have not heard much about the Victoria Day Long Weekend proposal and the possibilities of fixtures with West Indies A, New Zealand and India. Could you please update on each of these events?

With respect to your questions, the CCA has not yet finalized plans for the CCA Under -23 team's participation in the T&D Premier Division, or the Cricket Festival, now scheduled tentatively for the Canada Day Weekend not the Victoria Day Weekend, as originally hoped. When the loose ends are tied up the information will be released.

While I am on the subject, I do acknowledge that the Cricket Festival is my idea but the CCA Under 23 is NOT, as some of your posters have wrongly asserted. My idea with respect to youth players was to have the T&D make it mandatory for each Premier Club to have two Designated Youths on their CLUB team for each game. The problem that my idea was intended to deal with was the massive loss of young players after they represented Canada in international youth competitions. This has been well documented over the past 20 years and represents an enormous waste of money and effort as we seek out,coach and provide competition in an effort to develop home grown talent.

My idea was not accepted by the powers that be. However the problem has persisted.

A few years ago, while I was not involved with the administration of cricket, other persons on the CCA sought to address the problem and came up with the idea of an CCA Under 23 team. The idea was pushed and at one point I understand it came close to fruition as the T&D actually drew up a schedule with an CCA Under 23 team in it. However negotiations between the T&D and the CCA broke down, for what reasons I do not really know.

When I rejoined the CCA last November this file came within my portfolio as 2nd VP and I have now discharged my mandate to seek and gain acceptance of this long standing proposal. Suffice to say, had my idea been accepted when it was presented 15 years ago, a CCA Under 23 team would probably not be needed now, as more than 20 top young players would be automatically getting a chance to play at the highest level every weekend. Nor would we likely have to be importing players.

As to whether other provinces, such as Quebec or BC may wish to duplicate this idea, it would be up to these provincial governing bodies to make the case that this type of initiative is needed in their province. I do not know if it is.

I fully agree with your position that there needs to be more information flowing to the cricket community and more transparency in the administration of the game. I am trying to do that. But the process is not assisted by the posting of wildly inaccurate information on your website and the non-stop imputation of dishonourable motives to administrators who are simply trying to do a job under the most difficult of financial circumstances.

I trust this provides some information and clarifies a few misconceptions. As soon as more information is available I will endeavour to get it out to the public.

Errol Townshend, 2nd VP CCA