Q&A with Dr. Geoff Edwards, President of the Canadian Cricket Association.

I sent the following to the President of the Canadain Cricket Association.

Subject: Wisden Almanack 2001
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002


On page 1431 of the Wisden Almanack 2001 you are attributed to having written 17 lines under the title CANADA.

The last sentence reads "We now pray that funding will be available so we can prepare properly. - Goeff Edwards."

On pages 1289, 1290 & 1291 of the Wisden Almanack 2001 there is a three page article attributed to Clive Ellis under the title "ICC Trophy, 2001".

The concluding sentence in the second paragraph reads as follows:- "From the $US13million raised at the senior nations' Knockout, in October 2000, $US1 million was set aside to aid the preparations of Holland, Namibia and Canada,....". for the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

So it would appear that your prayers were answered. Would you care to comment, or advise that you have, or have not, accessed these funds. Would you care to elaborate on how these funds might be used for the stated purpose of "preparation".

If you care to comment I have a story. If you care not to comment I also have a story.

Keep playing with a straight bat.
Jon Harris

The following is an unedited copy of the reply from the President of the Canadian Cricket Association.

Subject: Re: Wisden Almanack 2001
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 21:49:03 EDT
From: Geoffed01@cs.com
To: hennessy.harris@sympatico.ca

Dear Jon:

Canada's prayers have not been answered.
Have a good one.

What should be deduced from such a stark response?
There are many questions that come to mind.
Perhaps the Canadian cricket community should ask the questions.
If you do ask the questions, I would like to receive a copy