This is the first in a series of interviews between and the Selection Committee of the CCA. What I uncovered was some glaring holes in the selection process as well as some resistance in speaking to me for publication on the website. However, I do thank the committee for taking the time to talk us.

I have endeavored to get answers to the questions that are at the heart of the issues in National Development and as you will see in subsequent interviews, the problems range from financial, geographic as well as the lack of an inter-Provincial structure on the junior and senior level. We do owe some regard to these gentlemen though, for the time and effort they put into selecting the teams. At the end of the series I hope to present an analysis and some recommendations to help us go beyond the World Cup.

Colin Mohammed
Senior Correspondent

Part I: Q & A with Mr. Karam Gopaulsingh
Chairman, Selection Committee CCA

Q: How does one become a selector?
A: The selectors are chosen by the CCA board of directors based on qualifications and experience in Canadian cricket. The Board also sets the directives for the selection committee.

Q: Speaking of qualifications, are there any formal, academic requirements or equivalent playing experience required to become a selector?
A: Appointment is based on qualifications and experience.

Q: Again Mr. Gopaulsingh, what are those qualifications?
A: Well, playing experience in Canada, at the Provincial and National level along with knowledge of the players.

Q: Who are the selectors and what is their geographic mandate?
A: Selectors are: Ben Seebaran (BC) John Lovelace (Prairies) Michael Khan (Ontario) Arvind Patel (Quebec/Maritimes). Please be aware that these people are only based in their respective provinces and their mandate is NOT to promote the agendas of the respective province. For example, if Mr. Khan is located in Ontario, he can certainly nominate a player in BC if the player has merit.

Q: What is the committee's long-term goal for development after the World Cup 2003?
A: Well, we have many younger players on the 38 called, (he cites among others Ashish Bagai Asif Mulla, Nathan Richards, Umar Bhatti) that we hope to develop further. We are hoping that these younger players will attend the training camps and hopefully play against the WI A touring team for example and even make the world Cup squad

Q: Do you have any hard copy, business plan to develop an elite junior system to feed a national men's programme?
A: Please forward your contact information and I will see what I can do.

Q: What is the official stance on import players? I mean, after the World Cup, it is probable that the imports will return to their respective countries.
A: Well, if you look at the Olympic system, we needed to select the best team possible. This is a 'one off' measure. The idea was to qualify for the World cup.

Q: First of all, is it appropriate to assess First Class players based on a
"3 Day Camp" when a typical selection procedure takes about 1 month? The only way to properly assess talent is in a competition, over at least a week.
A: You seem to have answered the question already.

Q: Second, is the CCA flying in all of the non-Ontario players to this camp?
A: No. Financial constraints prevent this from happening.

Q: Do you believe that there is concerted effort to select players from
all parts of Canada, e.g.. is there a requirement that at least one player be selected from BC or Quebec?
A: In answer to your question it is desirable to have selectees from all parts of Canada however there is no stipulation that B.C or Quebec must be represented.

Q: Are there any future plans for an inteprovincial elite championship system for after the World Cup?
A: This is an item that the Board of Directors will decide.

Thank you Mr. Karam Gopaulsingh