In the second part in our series, I present a telephone interview with Mr. Mike Khan. With the execption of this interview he declined further communication by not returning my calls or answering emails.

Colin Mohammed
Senior Correspondent

Part II: Q & A: Mr. Mike Khan, Ontario Representative
June 18, 2002

Q: Mr. Khan can you please summarize what the necessary qualifications to become a National Selector are, academic and otherwise?
A: You must have represented Canada at the National level and/or your respective home province before you can be considered for a selector's position.

Q: In terms of academic qualifications?
A: No response to question.

Q: What is the position on the import players that were brought in to strengthen the team for the ICC knockout?
A: This is a must win situation and many of the players in the list were born in Canada, regardless if they developed cricket here or not. If you examine other sports, many countries routinely bring in foreign-based players to their national teams to increase the chances of winning on the professional athletic level.

Q: Speaking of player development, have any of the 41 invitees to the selection camp been notified yet?
A: They will be notified of their participation in the camp via official CCA communication. The camp has only recently been sanctioned by the CCA.

Q: So, you are telling me that 2 weeks before the National selection camp at Ross Lord Park, the players have not been notified in writing?
A: They have been notified but not in writing.

Q: Do you feel that there is adequate representation from all the provinces?
A: Yes, all provinces are fairly represented.

Q: Is there currently, or has there ever existed an elite inter provincial system used to determine national selection?
A: If you go back to 1999 there was a tournament in Toronto in which Ontario fielded 2 teams and the results of this tournament were used to select national level players.

Q: Has there been any such tournaments in 2000 or 2001?
A: ________

Q: Are you familiar then with any future plans to develop an elite interprovincial infrastructure both on a junior and senior level to have a consistent feed of quality players for after the World Cup 2003?
A: I am unfamiliar with any such plans in place.

Thank you, Mr. Khan