The Future of Canada Cricket Online

Those who are regular visitors will notice that there has been little activity on Canada Cricket Online recently. Due to personal circumstances, I am no longer able to maintain and edit the site.

Canada Cricket Online was set up in 2002 by Jon Harris, umpire, historian and a man of strong opinions about Canadian cricket. Jon was at times a fierce critic of cricket administration in Canada, but his criticism was rooted in a deep passion for the game. He was a strong believer in the value of supporting grass-roots cricket and the need for an inclusive, cricketer driven administration. He saw cricket as more than a game, but as part of society, and as an agent of social change in Canada. Cricket in his view is at the forefront of the multi-cultural society that is Canada in the 21st century. The site very much reflected Jon’s view of Canadian cricket.

When he later asked me to assist with keeping the site up to date by uploading material he supplied, I was happy to help, and I started maintaining parts of the site in 2003, and soon became the main web maintainer. Jon continued to supply content, along with other contributors, notably of course Eddie Norfolk. Jon became ill and when he was no longer able to maintain his commitment to Canada Cricket Online, I took it over with the understanding that the site would continue to run along the principles he had established.

In recent years the site has been limited to links to news items from the media, especially those dealing with grass roots cricket, and the oriinal contributions of Eddie, plus a few others. In the meantime , coverage of associate cricket has changed significantly, with some excellent web sites – Cricket Europe set a high standard, but others such as Emerging Cricket aiming for wide-ranging coverage of the many countries that fall under the Associate banner. Coverage is also more diverse, with some fine podcasts (including the Canadian focussed “Dropped Again”). In addition social media- mostly Facebook – provides a platform whereby individuals can provide comment and commentary on Canadian cricket.

There still is a place for a site that has a Canadian focus, that provides coverage of cricket that falls outside of “official” cricket, and offers a forum for opinion, constructive criticism of the official administration, Canadian cricket history and more.

I am pleased, therefore, to announce that Canada Cricket Online will continue under new editorship, with the transition taking place this month. I will leave it to the new regime to outline their plans for the site, but I personally look forward to seeing a new approach, and a revitalization of the site. Watch this space for updates!

Dave Liverman

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