1 February 2005

At the recent 'press conference', which the CCA held for Richard Done, the visiting ICC High Performance Manager, the question was raised about the extensive development of cricket within schools across Canada. It was pointed out to the visiting ICC Performance Manager that the Toronto School Board have a general policy document with respect to the welfare of their students in sports, which includes a specific policy document for cricket.

The International Cricket Council has introduced a policy for 'child protection' within cricket and the English Cricket Board have published a document "Welfare of Young People in Cricket - Policy Statement". Your correspondent asked Richard Done about his understanding of these policies. Richard responded with an expression of trust when he slid a swipe identification card across the table. The card identified Richard, and it indicated that he was certified to be with young cricketers. The card was issued by Australian cricket authorities.

Your correspondent raised the issue of child welfare in cricket at the overwhelmingly unattended 'Open House' organized by the CCA at the beginning of the 2004 cricket season.

It is apparent that the CCA have not published a policy on the welfare of young people in cricket.

In order that the policy is effective, there is a necessity for training to meet the criteria required.

Without a policy there is no training. Without the training there can be no understanding of the conceptual framework set out by the England and Wales Cricket Board Ltd (ECB). Without the training there is no implementation.

The ECB's commitment to good practices and the protection of Young People encompasses "Education and Training". The policy document states that "All County Boards and Affiliated Club will adopt the ECB Welfare of Young People Policy".

The basic tenet has been set out. Without following the direction of the ICC, and other sophisticated authorities, is it appropriate that the Canadian Cricket Association should be devoting rescouces to chasing the holy grail of one day International Status.

As the old adage goes, have we got the cart before the horse? (Jon Harris).